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Lisa Gawlas – April, Vortexes, Eclipses And US!! – 31 March 2013

ascension1First let me surround everyone with the joy of celebration of the Christ Consciousness – Ascension energy.  A day that should be celebrated for achieving such a goal on planet earth without dying physically first!!  Now this is a season to celebrate and dance with!! Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance – The Landing Party – Part 3 – 31 March 2013

Telepathy copyMYTRE SPEAKS:

Besides our preparations for landing, the Mothership and the smaller Ships closer to Earth are preparing for more visitors. Many of you will be among these visitors either in your night-body, your human form or as your true galactic self.  Some of you will join us in your Higher Expressions of SELF, and your physical expression may not remember these meetings. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Isabelle Beenan – Our Food Supply: What You And Your Family Need To Know – 31 March 2013

What does smoking have to do with our food supply? Allow me to draw a little analogy between the conventional tobacco industry and the conventional food supply industry.
There is no need to rehash the whole tobacco industry debacle, other than to point out that morality and health do not have a place in the tobacco industry’s continued business. Admitting to the addictive and destructive poisons added into commercial cigarette tobacco and the effects of such poison on human health took over 50 years! The tobacco industry vehemently denied and lied about the disastrous effects of their product and fought tooth and nail to perpetuate this destructive business to this day. They continue to market to children and have made little if any modifications to the product (besides the warning labels) that wipes out vast amounts of human lives every year. Continue reading

CLN – Paul Fassa – Vaccines Don’t Protect: Exposing The Vaccination For Immunity Fraud – 31 March 2013

vaccine-bottle-syringeThere are two primary guilt trips used on parents who refuse vaccinations for their children. The first is absurd enough to be laughable – the peer pressure tactic of not letting children who weren’t vaccinated around parents’ vaccinated children. But if your kids were vaccinated, they’re supposed to be protected. right?

Actually, many children contract the disease vaccinated against. After looking at some hard facts, maybe they just aren’t protected. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – What Is Value? – 31 March 2013

shacklesWhat is Value?

to all:
In Absolute Love, Gratitude and Peace:

What IS value?
Where IS that value located?
Who has control of THAT value?

If you spend the energy to answer those three questions you will have the Absolute Truth of where you consciously BE at this moment of NOW.  If you know where you consciously BE at this moment of NOW, you can consciously choose what you DO.

With Absolute Love, Gratitude and Peace
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
eternal essence embodied and DO’ing Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – NESARA & The “RV” : The Grandest Contrast Of All! – 31 March 2013

shacklesI’m posting this article below about the “Batman Call” because this guy gives probably one of the most succinct run downs of “How the New Financial System and major political changes”  are suppose to roll out.  We’re going to use this as a basis to look at the Grand Contrast that is about to play out in front of our eyes. Continue reading

Sophia Love – No Waiting – 31 March 2013

no waitingAs the days stretch into months, one can’t help but consider the notion of waiting.  In order to wait, you have to embrace linear time, for without it, waiting is impossible.  Everything is now.

Let’s back up.  About a year ago, many of our clocks broke.  It was mentioned here and reported by dozens of readers.  Time was just not operating “like clockwork” any longer.  It seemed to be moving faster.  We are still catching up. Continue reading