Ariah Velasquez – Easter: A Day for the Divine Masculine and Feminine – 31 March 2013


My first instinct was to look at the pagan roots of Easter since so much is distorted now a days by many organized religions.  And of course, the name Easter comes from the Goddess Eostre who’s totem was the rabbit which represents fertility. She is said to merge today with the divine masculine (the SUN), and then birth her child in the winter solstice. This is all symbolic for spring of course and the growth that comes with connecting with the sun. So how can you merge today with your heart and ask for growth spurts in your life? Call in the Goddess Eostre of the light to bring in those gifts and activations today for the energies are strong for this to occur.  I recommend doing this in a calm space for 11 minutes.

Now today, I woke up and immediately felt summoned by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.  And so I knew I was to share about Jesus today and what my feeling is the true message of Easter. I do work with Jesus as well spiritually and find “him” to be an amazing light being who helped anchor powerful energies here.  It is unfortunate how his lessons and words have been distorted by some of humankind.

Easter is about Jesus being resurrected and the message that this brings is our eternity.  This morning, I actually had an astral travel and I want to encourage you to take the same journey. When I felt Jesus’ presence this morning, I immediately felt transported to the tomb in which he was resurrected.  In the tomb, I astrally went down a long tunnel, and then entered into a place that was all black.  Jesus explained this was the void, and in here I could feel my eternity.  I sat in the void knowing, we are all eternal. We merely change form, but our souls go on.  This brief stint in this body is a time to always live fearlessly, as we are eternal beings.  Jesus displayed this to us in very public, and obvious ways not so we would look at him as the only one with these gifts, but so we could learn the truth of our nature.

I invite you today,  in your meditation, to summon Jesus Christ of the light.  Ask to be taken into the ancient tomb where he laid, and then to have your own imprinting and coding transmitted to you to understand your own eternity.

Happy Easter!



We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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