Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – I Don’t Have To Think That Way – 31 March 2013

Excuse-me-Sir-but-I-dont-think-paintings-work-that-way...When you create with thought—and you are always creating with thought—you develop habitual patterns. Some of these are quite good, you see, and you are quite familiar with them—the blue sky, the green sea, the clouds in the air, the rain that falls. However, some of those patterns you have developed are not so friendly; patterns of poverty, sickness, lack. You can change the patterns at any time that you wish and are willing to take up the determination to do so. They won’t just go away by themselves.

The patterns of thought that are following you about are there because you thought them into being at one time or another. And you can’t just indulge yourself in thinking that way if it’s something that you really want to change in your experience. There are different ways to think about everything, and you are not required to think in any particular way.

You are not required to think about the things that you think are the cause of lack in your experience, as so many of you do. You don’t have to think about anything that causes you discomfort. And you certainly don’t have to indulge in anything like worry. When has that ever cured anything?

The majority of the patterns of thought that you have are the result of years of learning, and modeling after the dominant thoughts of your society and others around you. Or they may simply be patterns you have allowed to occur because you did not know they would be harmful in any way. Yet, thoughts of lack, disease, want and poverty tend to bring those things into your experience by law of attraction.

So to really set your self free, remind yourself “I don’t have to think that way.” There is no requirement for worry. There is no requirement for fretting over anything. There is not even a requirement to think about what is real; and by “real” we mean that which is already physically manifested in your experience.

Think the thoughts that feel good. Nothing is more important than that you feel good, because you are then in alignment with the Source of All. Let yourself off the hook for all those bad thoughts that are anything less than what you really want in your life. Thoughts precede your life experience…always. Every moment is thought. Every thought is prayer. Every prayer is answered. And the answer is always yes!

So limit your thinking to the things that feel good. Switch your thinking to “what problem?” mode. When you are thinking thoughts that are already perfect, you need do nothing. The universe will take care of it for you. Really.

How often are you in true problem-solving mode anyway, where you really have to be thinking of a problem and its solution?  One percent? One tenth of a percent? And how much time do you spend worrying and fretting? While you work?…while you drive your car?…while you watch TV?  See, that’s the time we’re talking about. Because your prayer switch is always “on”. Your creating with thought is always “on”.

And that’s what Yoga of Positive Thought is all about. It’s about learning which thoughts serve you and which ones don’t, and then as you go through your day selecting a direction of thought—a tack—that gently brings you back on course when you wander off somewhere you don’t want to go.

“I don’t have to think that way” is a great reminder. Those old habits of thought are just channels, ruts, that you have worn in your mind, and to get out of them you simply have to keep tacking back on course, tacking back on course, tacking back on course, until a new pattern of habitually positive thought has been created.

You are blessed on your journeys. Time and space are here to serve you.
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