Lisa Gawlas – April, Vortexes, Eclipses And US!! – 31 March 2013

ascension1First let me surround everyone with the joy of celebration of the Christ Consciousness – Ascension energy.  A day that should be celebrated for achieving such a goal on planet earth without dying physically first!!  Now this is a season to celebrate and dance with!!

This is going to be a short sharing (woke up late again) but there were some things I did want to share today.  I got to witness (from a relative distance) the energy of the field yesterday sucking you into the 2nd quarter energies of this year.  The first two people I attempted to read for, I drew a complete blank.  When I asked the field what the hell is this all about… instantly I was shown the last girl of the day prior, the intense winds blowing her in the face and I realized  we are now all in this position, the whole earth is.  Thank goodness the field protects me from intense windstorms (smile) cuz I so would have loved to put my face in all of y’alls light… but noooooo!!  By my third appointment, I already knew I was not going to see her, but I did a little peaking anywayz, and within a second and a half she went from the end of march and super slurpeed into a funnel of energy at the gateway of April.

Earlier this past week, I did a connection with a lady before I called her (that happens sometimes) and I could see this intense yellow/gold super spinning vortex of energy at the threshold of April.  I seen my lady with her back arched backwards in a gesture to open her heart fully and connected to that intense vortex.  She ended up missing our readings (darn time changes) but I could so see why.  We both would have needed hazard pay to take that energy any where else!!

When I was able to peak at my third lady yesterday, I really understood why I could not see a thing for anyone… we have been slurped into April, or at least that spinning vortex at the doorway to April.

So I decided to take myself into meditation since I now had a free day.  I really wanted to see where I was in the whole scheme of things and if they would show us any more of April from the inside view, plus I am now pondering those three eclipses coming up too.  I would really like more info on all that!!

When I entered my meditation I was at the gateway of April, the ground itself still blocked by that crazy cement pool, but… they did give us some details we can use.  The next thing I knew, I was within my own vortex traveling from here to there in the circular energy of April.  I could only see the top and not a damn thing of what it meant at ground level, but I could see and feel this vortex zig zagging all over the place, stopping, starting, primarily on the left side (physical life) of the cement pool.  I got this feeling of both planting and fertilizer many thing in those areas it would stop at, but never went beyond the elcipse times.

So I pulled back and looked at the eclipse sandwich coming up.  April 25th, the lunar energies form the outside cookie sandwich drawing into itself all the energies we brought to Here (which is April 25th) and at the back side, May 25th, was the other cookie side drawing in all the energy from our future into that side.  In the middle of this deLightful Oreo cookie was the sun, a smooth and intense glob of brilliant yellow and orange energy getting smushed into the middle. (May 10th.)

It really was the most amazing thing to witness, the two lunar energies was made up of this deep blue and gray field of energy with these threads of energy connected to earth and drawing up all that energy past and future into this sandwich, bringing to life in the ways only the feminine can… the masculine intensity.  Creation being created by the dreamer.

We are both energies and each person will have their own unique fulfillment of these eclipses depending on what they have done to Here and what they have already done in the future.  To expand on that further, you are already fueling the potentials/actions of your future self and they are already expressing themselves in our perceived future, so you are actually pulling that energy, that advancement into you as a current reality (well, as of the eclipses.)

There are two other eclipses later this year… but why get so far ahead of our evolution!

So, while I was in this place of mine, I did ask spirit if there was anything more I/we could do with the child leading N. Korea.   I was shocked to watch this huge crane pull Kim up and out of the field of military like guys and hung him in the middle of the upper air.  Then, if that was surprising enough, some long arm came down from the sky holding a Light Stick and started beating this man from upper chest to lower torso with this stick of Light, front and back… like they were beating the dust out of a rug.

As I am watching this, all I could ask was… is this very spiritual?  I have heard of being beaten with an ugly stick… but a pure white, radiant spiritual stick??  If that wasn’t enough, I swear the field was on “lets shock Lisa as much as we can mode.”  The next thing I witness is this light stick being shoved into Kim’s sacral chakra.  The moment it went in, I could see what looked like a mass of disconnected orange bugs.  I understood there are a lot of things that “bug” him, a fragmented sense of self and wanting to be acknowledge by the world and his only way (within his fragmented self) is with might as opposed to love.  And yet, that stick of Light started to illuminate a lot within him.  We can love him thru this!!  No judgement from us… just love.  spirit created the opening, we can hold the consistency!

Now to circle back just a bit.  I have already started my day today.  The more I wake up into this body, the more intense I am feeling the energies.  I have a headache growing at the base of my neck migrating upwards, I started having a major toothache (needs a root canal) yesterday… and with my first reading of the day, I was once again viewing her from the sideline as I witnessed her jumping from the ground into the massive spinning vortex at the entrance of April.  As I hung up the phone with her my whole body was flashed with heat.  Like a hot flash, but different, I could feel it move up thru me and out the top of my head… can we say… dizzy too!!

I am going to close on that note and do something with these intense energies!!

I love you wild and crazy Light Beings… so much!!  Lets rock this 2nd quarter like never before!!


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