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John Smallman – Saul – When You Are Focussed On Third-Dimensional Issues, You Are Only About 1% Present! – 31 March 2013

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Humanity’s interest in matters spiritual is growing rapidly as a direct result of the new divine energies flooding the planet, which was of course the intent when they were set in motion.  You all need to seriously address your spiritual side, your 99%, which vast numbers of you have neglected because of the seductive, enticing, and demanding distractions with which your egos, through the mechanism of the illusion, are constantly bombarding you.  Truly, when you are focused on third-dimensional issues, you are only about 1% present!  That is all of you that your egos can access, even though it often appears to you that some people have enormous egos!  Is that not amazing? Continue reading


WakingTimes – Stuart Wilde – The Global Ego – Resolve To Escape – 31 March 2013

My ol’ teacher said that before you are born you choose your parents and that you have an overview of the circumstances and beliefs that you are to be born into, he even said you have a comprehension of the defects or inabilities of the future body you will inhabit at birth, your DNA karma say. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 31 March 2013

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Max Igan – Social And Religious Rant – ( 4 Parts Video) – 31 March 2013

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Ron Van Dyke – Sheldon Nidle, Max Egan, Gangaji – Who Has it Right? – 31 March 2013

Uploaded on 31 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Today is Easter for some Christians, next Sunday for others. It’s a day we can celebrate transcending death…or not. Yesterday, I listened to audio YouTubes with different points of view. Sheldon Nidle’s message is the same as it has been for the many years I have been listening to him: the world is a mess and the ETs will help us. Max Egan also sees the world as a mess; and it’s up to us to fix it without any saviours. Gangaji, on the other hand, seems to be saying that world is perfect just the way it is, and once we accept that, it will change. Can these different viewpoints be reconciled? Can we, as humans, transcend the suffering we all experience in this world? Does this happen by denying our senses and experience, or by telling the truth?

ActivistPost – J.P. Hikcs – 5 Crypto-Currencies You’ve Never Heard Of – 31 March 2013

Since the theft of depositors in Cyprus, Bitcoin has reached amazing new heights in both popularity and value. Over a $1 billion of Bitcoins are now in circulation. People all over the world are beginning to realize the value of financial anonymity and the utility of using crypto-currencies.
Peer-to-peer digital currencies don’t require a central authority or a bank account, they have microscopic transaction fees, are quasi anonymous and can be used to purchase a growing list of real world goods and services. Continue reading

Evening Weather And Sun (30 March) – 31 March 2013

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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – I Don’t Have To Think That Way – 31 March 2013

Excuse-me-Sir-but-I-dont-think-paintings-work-that-way...When you create with thought—and you are always creating with thought—you develop habitual patterns. Some of these are quite good, you see, and you are quite familiar with them—the blue sky, the green sea, the clouds in the air, the rain that falls. However, some of those patterns you have developed are not so friendly; patterns of poverty, sickness, lack. You can change the patterns at any time that you wish and are willing to take up the determination to do so. They won’t just go away by themselves. Continue reading

Busted! Proof of HAARP! Satellite Imaging Shows Coil Wave over Prince Edward Islands.. (Indian Ocean) – 31 March 2013

Busted! Proof of HAARP! Satellite Imaging Shows Coil Wave over Prince Edward Islands..

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Date: Saturday, 30-Mar-2013 15:00:17

The images from march 26th 2013 show a Huge Coil , Spiral Wave like Feature coming from the Prince Edward Islands ! Amazing Proof of Weather Modification ! NASA Pictures showing the effects of TTA’S and HAARP ! Continue reading

AmericanKabuki – Stephen Greer And David Wilcox Interview – 31 March 2013

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