Sophia Love – No Waiting – 31 March 2013

no waitingAs the days stretch into months, one can’t help but consider the notion of waiting.  In order to wait, you have to embrace linear time, for without it, waiting is impossible.  Everything is now.

Let’s back up.  About a year ago, many of our clocks broke.  It was mentioned here and reported by dozens of readers.  Time was just not operating “like clockwork” any longer.  It seemed to be moving faster.  We are still catching up.

In my home, we now rely exclusively on our cell phones for the correct “time”.  Even they sometimes are all over the map.  Unless we have an appointment to make, time seems irrelevant.

To “wait” implies that what you are waiting for is not here, you don’t have it, cannot see it and “time” must pass in order for you to get it.  Yet in a very real sense we are moving out of time.  So, how can both be true?  Is it possible for us to “wait”, which implies the passage of “time”, for a life where there is no such thing?

Consider the idea that everything is Now.  Your focus changes from moment to moment, true.  Yet within each moment rests all possibility.  If you are “waiting” for something to happen you have pushed it out of reach, you are not focused on it and cannot see it or pull it to you.  Oh, it is there, and just as soon as you decide to focus again on its possibility you’ll embrace it and have it.

This is another way to Be. Linear “time” is a way of thinking, not a fact.  Everything is Now.

As far as I know, there is no magic “Next Dimensional Fairy” who will come, wave her magic wand and change the construct of our existence.  It is us.  We are gradually wrapping our heads around expanded ways of thinking, Being and Doing.  Time is just one of them.

We recently became a one car family.  This was unexpected.  My first reaction was logical perhaps.  Certainly it was the way we’ve always operated. “We’ll just have to make it work for about six months.  We’ll look around and save until we can afford to replace it.”  It’s inconvenient.  As jobs and activities change, it’s also barely working.  A different approach has become a necessity.

We’ve set our intent on a new car.  The possibility now exists.  We will check out all ideas and options, regardless of prior bias.  Someone has suggested leasing, so we’ll look into it.  We have stopped waiting and moved into expecting, exploring and investigating.  It is not a matter of time; it’s a matter of focus.  The word “energize” works here – we are thinking about the car, expecting the car, seeing the car and talking about the car.  We are not waiting.  The car IS.

Life is a hell of a lot more fun when you’re expecting to discover something in every moment.  It feels more like an adventure.  If we can take “waiting” out of our vocabulary, everything changes.  It’s all possible.  There is no longer a reason to put off any discovery or experience or happiness or prosperity or action.  Just alter your focus and there it’ll be – where it has been all along.

It is no longer “You are the One you’ve been waiting for”, but You are the One.



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