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Ariah Velasquez – Easter: A Day for the Divine Masculine and Feminine – 31 March 2013


My first instinct was to look at the pagan roots of Easter since so much is distorted now a days by many organized religions.  And of course, the name Easter comes from the Goddess Eostre who’s totem was the rabbit which represents fertility. She is said to merge today with the divine masculine (the SUN), and then birth her child in the winter solstice. This is all symbolic for spring of course and the growth that comes with connecting with the sun. So how can you merge today with your heart and ask for growth spurts in your life? Call in the Goddess Eostre of the light to bring in those gifts and activations today for the energies are strong for this to occur.  I recommend doing this in a calm space for 11 minutes.

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Infinite Waters – How To Deal With Grief And Loss Of A Loved One – 31 March 2013

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John Smallman – Jesus – You Are Becoming Less Addicted To The Illusion’s Validity – 31 March 2013

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One is the number of God’s creations, but One is not in any way limiting — it is infinite.  This is a very complex concept for you to grasp let alone make any sense of; in fact, it is rather a paradox while you remain constrained by your physical bodies, so don’t even try — it is quite unnecessary.  Just accept that it is so.  Surrender to it and know that you are not being misled. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – When You Are Focussed On Third-Dimensional Issues, You Are Only About 1% Present! – 31 March 2013

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Humanity’s interest in matters spiritual is growing rapidly as a direct result of the new divine energies flooding the planet, which was of course the intent when they were set in motion.  You all need to seriously address your spiritual side, your 99%, which vast numbers of you have neglected because of the seductive, enticing, and demanding distractions with which your egos, through the mechanism of the illusion, are constantly bombarding you.  Truly, when you are focused on third-dimensional issues, you are only about 1% present!  That is all of you that your egos can access, even though it often appears to you that some people have enormous egos!  Is that not amazing? Continue reading

WakingTimes – Stuart Wilde – The Global Ego – Resolve To Escape – 31 March 2013

My ol’ teacher said that before you are born you choose your parents and that you have an overview of the circumstances and beliefs that you are to be born into, he even said you have a comprehension of the defects or inabilities of the future body you will inhabit at birth, your DNA karma say. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 31 March 2013

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Max Igan – Social And Religious Rant – ( 4 Parts Video) – 31 March 2013

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