Lucas – Constant Transition – Choices, Knowing And Equilibrium – Wholeness – 2 April 2013

state_of_equilibrium_by_5urface-d4tieveIn observing that what is surrounding me and also that what is in me, I see lots of transitions on multiple levels. It is about making the shift within and without ourselves work. Our new paradigm is taking shape with that what we are  focused upon and focus personally on.  It is about us and how we see a new world together.  This will bring lots of clashing of visions, opinions and arguments about but eventually there will be the knowledge we only can get out of this if we choose what is best for all of us or is in created or done with the best possible outcome for all.  The opposites will reconcile or become neutral.

Also now shown is  making choices in your relationships to others and yourself.  Also the  choices in handling your surroundings are important.  As everything is having its effect.  What are you gonna choose? Are you letting go and are you clearing way towards new transition levels and further steps on your path of ascension. It never has been about a switch that makes ascension is here and now. It is a process.  Yes, you have heard lots of others including me tell you that already.  We all are not at the same level on that road towards ascension. That makes it hard for some still totally imbedded in the old paradigm of duality.

Know there is no one that will be left behind as the road is open for all.  Personal transitions are now daily felt in still letting go and integrating energies.  It is a layer by layer experience that eventually brings us to that last layer that will  reveal the whole being that is totally in 5D and ready to fully experience the new we are gonna create. Just know there is no less or more anymore. There is only feeling the oneness that is in us via our heart source connection.

What I see is a swirling of personal vortexes that spin on the rim of the inner last piece of the 3D cone of the 3D vortex  that is already in the 5D vortex.  The learning 5D space I shall call it.  All the personal vortex swirling there are or not conscious enought yet to go towards the conscious 5D part or they are conscious enought to be soon jumping towards the 5D conscious reality vortex on the inside.  Group after group  will follow in this change from 5D dormant reality to conscious 5D reality.  In this understanding of what happens now a lot is experienced on energetic levels. It about really breaking through the last barriers of our own doubts, our connection towards very strong beliefs and thinking patterns that were effectively used to enslave you and to let you forget who you really are.

You are all that is necessary in this world to create a new world.  All is inside you. It is clouded by your fears, your beliefs, your education, your upbringing, your culture, your patriotism, your religion, your patterns, habits, etc.   If all those clouds are cleared up the sun begins to shine.  It is that energy within you that is the creator and your own powerful authentic self that can make all happen for the best of all humans, all that is and of course you.

Just know the sun is already shining. What is changed inside in clearing up the clouds little by little is reflecting itself also on the outside.  What your heart feels as joy and bliss will be that will be felt in your surrounding also as joy and bliss.  We can make a difference always.  In every little step we take. You will see the little sun that you see know on the horizon at sunrise become a big shining sun at noon.

All is moving in its own flow and in its own pace. So are you. Even when your flow seems to be interrupted or blocked it is not. A constant energy flow seeks its way through you.  You are just always connected to source even when you forgot it.  It is always in you and you can always re-connect. A lot is still defined in terms and conditions of the old paradigm and that makes we still seek outside ourselves for answers and solutions that are in fact nothing else than energies (I’d rather call them vibrational frequencies).

Wanting, expecting, having, claiming, needing, beliefs, doubts, are all obstacles in your perception of what energy in all its manifested forms is. These obstacles are placed by you in your creational field and flow and therefore that what is really wanted, expected, needed, etc, is not created.  Also negative forms of creation will not be manifesting.  If you do not really create from your heart-source connection it will not be. Your heart-felt thought,  envisioned via your third eye and eyes, and spoken forth with your mouth connected to your throat chakra will manifest, sometimes in unexpected ways.

In creating new or that what you want if often goes wrong due to the expressing of doubts of source’s ability to make it happen and therefore you also doubt your ability to create.  You are part of  source and source  is part of you. It is seeing that what ever is needed on your path will be provided for if you know it to be true from the heart.  We doubt this much to often.  So help is needed, wanting comes kicking in,  expectations show up and make all undone what already was sent out in the field as a genuine creation.

The energies of deepest conviction and knowing all to be is what is what you need to remember to be true.  I also had to learn to let go of lack or even thinking negative thoughs or whatever would block the flow. Even when donations for the blog are low and not sufficient in the moment of now I need to trust. Even when it is hard sometimes to get so little even for weeks in a row.   I still  trust source to be providing in everything at the right moment, on time, and in the now.   I trust my readers and those corporations that live on the traffic of the blog to be also be loving and responsible and I trust them not only to take but also give in balance.  I really belief in humanity.  The changing  is already occurring. Therefore I trust all will be well even with the hardships we all are going through now as it is part of  our journey and lessons.

Money is still just a manifested energy that in essence has no good or bad thought to it attached.  It is merely an expression of  the energy of abundance. How the energy of money is used makes that it is felt as evil or bad. The system set up by those you still call the dark ones have made you see money as evil in that way. The system has been used to enslave you via money or better the lack of it and the fears that come with this. The real energy of money is still not sought in ourselves but in things outside ourselves. In gold, silver, houses, land, paper money, coins, commodities, shares, and value in whatever other form but energy from within.  Never we see the value in all that is is us. We are creator beings as already said. Only we have forgotten to be this.  We are the value and the value is the energy within us. That is what is still not seen. The masters of the dark, illuminati, cabal, etc whatever name they have been given have taken and thrived on that what we  have and is the only thing that really has value. It  is our own energy to create, not our workforce and our money, belongings they were after.  If we stop  giving or feeding energy to that what is not wanted anymore, things cease to exist.

We have forgotten the “dark ones”  are playing their parts of the opposites and  the dark ones  forgot they also are part of that same source we all are part of and they need to obey all the same rules.  Therefore they only can do that what is allowed by source and thus also us by us.  Source is neutral in form it has for its own growth and understanding of duality chosen to create opposites. The original is being balance in all. This state of balance, neutrality and equilibrium is coming back in all that is as source has demanded it to be so.  We as humans upon this earth freely chose to be in this duality experience. We lived it as opposites in being light or dark, good or evil, etc. We even explored the total extremes. This was necessary for us and source to understand and experience the beauty of emotions and to experience what really love is.  The shades of light and dark made all this become visible to be experienced and explored.

This experience has ended and we need to return to equilibrium. More and more humans, that now awaken and go walk their paths onwards to the 5D paradigm we are going to create, are recognizing this.  They will find their way within their hearts and find the strength and power to BE and be One and Whole again. We all are still part of the one source as it is part of us and it is unity.  So be DOing and BEing all from unconditional love and from a basis of unity, equality and abundance for all. The love you give will multiply fractal by fractal.  Soon all of us are creating the new that  never before existed: a new world and multi-dimensional universe. Can you imagine that.

Love and Light,


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