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Visionkeeper – Guest Post – 2 April 2013

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 Written by: Raven

A few years ago I rented an old farmhouse on a 200-acre organic dairy farm and moved there in the early spring. Showing me around the property, the farmer took me behind the house, pointed to a mound of aged cow manure at the edge of a 100’ x 200’ plot of naked soil and said, “And this is your garden.” Continue reading


Visionkeeper – Open Your Hearts Please – 2 April 2013

4644_g2_1_460x230I am leaving off a petition that is trying to save a young 15 year old rape victim from being whipped 100 times in public as punishment! Just more insanity. Please sign if you feel moved to do so. Thanks to all…..


http://www.oneworldrising.wordpress.com / link to original article


Lucas – Constant Transition – Choices, Knowing And Equilibrium – Wholeness – 2 April 2013

state_of_equilibrium_by_5urface-d4tieveIn observing that what is surrounding me and also that what is in me, I see lots of transitions on multiple levels. It is about making the shift within and without ourselves work. Our new paradigm is taking shape with that what we are  focused upon and focus personally on.  It is about us and how we see a new world together.  This will bring lots of clashing of visions, opinions and arguments about but eventually there will be the knowledge we only can get out of this if we choose what is best for all of us or is in created or done with the best possible outcome for all.  The opposites will reconcile or become neutral. Continue reading

Dead Sea Lions Everywhere – 2 April 2013

beforeItsNewsI had hoped that this heartbreaking story of the 500 nearly dead sea lions that washed ashore in California was going to take a turn for the better; however, that is not the case. We learn today from ENENews that things have actually taken a turn for the worse and that there “is no explanation for what we’re seeing” according to experts. A comment on the ENENews story linked above from Anne, a Beforeitsnews reader, shares these are NOT isolated events but events that are now happening every day and should give every one of us a cause for great concern. That comment is below the video.  Continue reading

Alan Watts – The Dream Of Life – 2 April 2013

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AscensionPioneers – Cellular Reprogramming & Mastering Our Fear – 2 April 2013

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Ron Head – Your Most Powerful Dreams Will Include Everyone, Dear Hearts – 2 April 2013


Was that not a tumultuous weekend?  Pleasant for you, dear friends, we trust, but full of energy contrasts, as well, we are sure.

Now you are into April itself.  It seems as if things have settled down.  And yet you feel as if something is afoot.  Something has not quite happened yet.  Your consciousness is cautiously feeling around trying to discover what it might be. Continue reading