Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – When You Feel Heartbroken (II) – 3 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

Sometimes in the world, it has been hard to believe in love, the good of it, when the one you love is seemingly, randomly, wrested away from you, when your belief in love is taken away from you, when your belief in love and your belief in God, the Father of Love, is trammeled in your heart, your beautiful trusting heart, your beleaguered heart that held so much trust, your beautiful heart torn apart, hurt in the loss of a loved one and hurt from God Who was not supposed to let this happen.

You had had so much faith, and yet you know it happens every day, and that loss and seeming death are a daily part of life, yet this was never supposed to happen to you, and so you feel betrayal, and so you feel loss of trust.

Over the ages, has this ever not been an occurrence in life? Something that could not possibly be meant to happen has happened, and you feel like the fall guy. You had trust, and the trust was taken from you. This is what it seems like. This is what it feels like.

Forgiveness is a great act of charity, and somehow you are faced with learning how to forgive what seems like the greatest act of betrayal. You certainly don’t want to hear that you simply do not understand. Admittedly, you don’t understand. You thought you had so much faith, and now your faith is dashed. All it took for you was one seemingly unforgivable event, and your heart of love got dashed. You thought you loved Me. You thought I loved you, and now your heart is doubly dashed because you lost a loved one in one way or another, and now you are mad at Me.

Some might say you are being given a test. I tell you frankly that life itself is a test, every inch of it, yet I do not pull out a test to hand to you. I do not experiment on you. No, it’s not like that. I am not an experimenter. For what reason would I give you such a hard test that can makes you weep?

Nor can I say that anything is out of My reach or out of My say-so. I take responsibility. I do not say that something happened that I took no part in. It is not a test, and it is not an experiment. It is an overhaul that is much too much for you to bear. I say that in the long haul, there is something good at the end of the rainbow, yet how can you believe that?

Nor am I tempering the steel in your heart to make it stronger. It is not My desire, it never is, that you suffer, and, yet, suffering seems to be called for. That’s how you see it.

Letting go is called for. Letting go of your heart of steel is called for. Forgiveness is called for. A supreme act of forgiveness is called for. You have to forgive Me, and you have to forgive yourself, and you have to forgive your loved one for leaving you no matter in what manner. Life is not always what you wanted it to be, hoped it would be, what, from everything your heart knows, what life should be. What is the illusion? Life or death, or both?  Is any of this new? And yet it was not supposed to occur in your life. What is the illusion, and what is the fact?

Life and death don’t seem like illusions to you. You have lived with life and death all your life. Life and death are not anything new to you, yet, still you can’t believe that you are not to have your desires fulfilled. Something was not supposed to happen to you and not possibly happen to you in such an unkind way.

Even that belief, you have to let go of, beloveds. Even that. You are learning to let go of what, on Earth, is only temporary anyway. / link to original article

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