Lee-Anne Peters – Current Energies April 2013 – 3 April 2013

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April 2013 ~ CURRENT ENERGIES —–> with Lee-Anne Peters
Do you remember that strange ‘pressure’ in the air which started about 2 or 3 weeks ago? When there was extra tension, a shedding of the old and the energy created a lot of headache and strange negative thinking which was not typical for us.

It seems that for some this pressurized energy is still quite active. Some of us have moved through it and have come out the other side, and this is something all will do – so hang in there.

The more people who have ‘passed through’ the easier it becomes for everyone.

The visual I see of this is tumbling around in a dark, windy and stormy room. For some the tumbling is not as intense as others and in this space there are deep adjustments happening to the physical body – with strange aches, pains and ailments.

During this time of tumbling you are being guided to SHED EVERYTHING and BE REAL about EVERYTHING! The illusion is being shed at very fine levels and the more you resist and hold onto what ‘was’ the more tumbled and upside down you will likely feel!

When you LEARN from what is revealed and continue to SHED while stepping back and allowing some YOU TIME to reflect, things will begin to shift.

You will notice that in this dark room, that you begin to glow a beautiful light from your heart and throat as you align further with love and truth.

Your glowing heart shines the way out!

This light then reveals a big white door which you can now enter into.

This door represents a time of initiation where you move through and into a new level of vibration and experience – your journey deepens.

As you move through this door and into the NEW & TRUE incredible opportunities seem to fall on your lap. You slip further into TRUSTING your INTUITION and as others do this too – opportunities are created. People feel an urge, say or ask, and then WaLa the MOMENTUM BUILDS!

Hang in there no matter what is happening for you right now – but if things arent flowing well or easily for you, it may be time to step back and self nourish to recentre and reflect on what isnt working any longer for you.

Things change, friendships change, views change and you change… This is natural as we are an important piece of this great ebb & flow!
TIPS: Flow, be honest, be real, shed, release, allow love in, don’t hold on, learn, experience, be grateful, self nourish, ask

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