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Everywhere we go these days, people are talking about feeling that something is about to happen, they can feel the energy of change coming onto the planet.We are definitely on the threshold of our dream. So many changes are occurring in small ways all around us, but if we are not paying attention they will not be noticed. That is the thing about these present times, they are asking us to be present, to take careful notice of everything in our lives, to switch off our autopilot and become active in our own lives. It is time for us all to live a mindful life and be responsible for that mindful life. We have always heard how we all have choices, but the times we are in now are accentuating this fact even more. The days of living our lives as victims must end, we have no excuses anymore, for living in the new world is to accept the fact that we all have choices to be the best that we can be in a life that supports that realization.

This is what living in the new world is all about. Living a life of always trying to be the best that we can be, the most loving and compassionate that we can be, the most giving and forgiving that we can be. To live in the new world is to learn to shift our old way of being into this new way. This IS the new world. This is what we are seeing going on all around us today, people taking notice of themselves and trying to be the best that they can be and in doing so, expecting those around them to do the same. I think this is why the ways of the dark ones are becoming so unbearable to be around. They are doing their best to be the worst that they can be! It is not resonating with our frequencies at all, it has become very disruptive to our systems.

This is one reason I feel so strongly about de-activating that disruptive and very dark frequency, so we can flow harmoniously along at long last. It is very exhausting to bang back and forth between frequencies, up and down, in and out. Each time we do this it becomes more unbearable and we try desperately to stay locked into the more harmonious frequency but then the dark ones come along and do something evil and disruptive and send us spiraling about yet again. Their interference is becoming most unpleasant. A good deal of the time we can remain above it and function happily but there are those times of anguish they create that slam us back into the cold reality of 3D. This yo yo’ing will hopefully stop soon and we can remain in the higher dimensions of peacefulness and love, but it will take some doing to get to that state of mind.

Hard times lie ahead and I have mentioned before my questioning of how we will handle them. If we don’t rid Washington of this dark reign of evil, then it will continue to pop its ugly head up above the surface time and time again. It refuses to give up and so it will be up to us to expel its presence from Washington. It is time we stop being victims and stop thinking as victims and that is just what we are doing! We DO HAVE both the power and the right to do the job of cleaning house, they are nothing more than old minds who refuse to give up a vision and have gathered their forces around them to do their dirty work, but armies can not physically stop evolution as it unfolds. We must remember they are not Creator! It is time to demand that there be sweeping changes of power in Washington as ORDERED by the people. Sound silly? It will if we don’t believe in ourselves and in our own power. Therein lies the problem. We see ourselves as victims unable to stand up against their forces and we give up!

Spring has sprung at long last and what do we usually do when spring arrives? We do our spring cleaning and rid our homes of winters clutter and dirt and so we must do the same for our Capitol! It is time to clean house, sweep out the dirt from the dark corners, open the windows and let in the fresh air and sunshine of spring! It is time to come together and get cleaning! It is time to finally believe in ourselves!

Blessings to us all;

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