Ron Van Dyke – In The Matrix, Loving Is Revolutionary – 4 April 2013

Uploaded on 4 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke My mentor in the 1980s was Dr. Bruce L. Morgan. In his time, he was a revolutionary man. He was a radical fundamentalist preacher who saw Carl Jung as the major prophet of the 20th Century, much to the chagrin of the Bible thumpers. He gave a series of lectures in The Tabernacle Church of Melbourne around 1982, the year before I moved to Florida. It was called: Environments That Encourage Growth. The central theme of the messages was that LOVE is the key ingredient to healthy spiritual growth. I still believe that is true; and I have seen it in The Workshops that I’ve attended regularly. However, in our human culture, love is seen as weakness and often discouraged. To me, this is the single most important factor that must change if we are to experience peace on earth. That is why the OPPT is so revolutionary with it’s emphasis on loving as unconditionally as possible. Being and doing from a loving heart is our way home … I believe our only way home.

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