Jean Haines – Neil Keenan, What He Can Do – And How Humanity Can Help Him: A Response To BeWise – 5 April 2013

jean-jpg3* BeWise’s response to Neil and Michael appears at the end of this post. . . ~J

BeWise, Neil and I have discussed your heartfelt response to both him and Michael, and since he is very busy, he has asked me to respond to you. He has cautioned me that the ideas I suggest here are going to take time to develop. For instance, before anything else can happen, he has already shared that an audit of the Global Accounts must first take place. There are certain countries that are in dire need of help, and at the moment as he sees it, this must come first. Please also understand that my thoughts here are mine alone, that things on the ground could change – and do, often on a daily basis, and yet these thoughts also have his approval:

BeWise, if you will permit me, I would like to suggest that your pain as a result of your life as an indigenous person got the better of you, and you expressed it (as anger) at Neil and his work. Please let me offer you some further information and insights to consider that might enlarge your views with which I believe we are largely in agreement. While it may seem I am speaking largely for the United States, I am also speaking for the rest of the planet, if they find it necessary and to choose to adopt these ideas, as well.

Neil Keenan at work

Neil Keenan at work

I’ve gotten to know Neil rather well over these last months, and he knows not only about the plight of the North American indigenous peoples, but also about the attempted annihilation of those in South America, as well. He lived there for many years, did business there and has many good friends there, and as the person who managed ‘The 500th Anniversary of the Western World’, he got to know the ‘real’ history of what has been transpiring over the centuries. Hopefully, you will find you can believe me, or at least trust me, when I say I know on a personal basis how deeply he is committed to fighting not only for the freedom of the indigenous peoples, but for the freedom of everyone on this planet.

Neil is not, however, a talker; he is a doer (remember: those who talk don’t know; those who know, don’t talk), and while the doing of this has been very difficult and complex, he hasn’t given up, and he will not give up until he wins. I am in total belief that he will succeed, because unlike many others who have attempted to stop his efforts, he comes from a place of complete integrity and honesty, and the flow of the times, the science of the times – the end of more than one cosmic cycle – is in his favor. The Elders, the Indigenous people of Indonesia, who have been guarding and protecting the Global Accounts for over sixty years, have done Ceremony and have chosen him. They have watched him personally for over thirty years, waiting for his arrival. As an indigenous Elder, I am sure you are aware of the power of Ceremony, as are they. St. Germaine also has been in personal contact with him. In both instances, I had to explain to Neil, who is largely without ego, the deeper meaning of these events.

As a successful and respected buinessman, he understands your concept of money, and his efforts to stop the stealing from the Global Accounts and to use them wisely to benefit humanity through humanitarian projects that will put people back to work are based on this understanding. There will be no free-money-rides from him, but he intends to see that good, positive work with fair pay is provided for all sorts of people, pay that will take the pressure off and fear out of our personal and family lives. I am sure there are those who will want to clean up the ocean, sky, and soil and crop degradation. (I, personally, am already using an inexpensive scalar tool that within seconds returns my food energetically to its original, healthy state. What I am saying very clearly here is that we need not be in fear of Monsanto and its minions.) When we are finally free and can begin using free, clean energy, our entire planetary energy system will need to be changed. Those who choose to heal the emotional trauma and damage inflicted by the cabal likely will need support and help. Our children and their education will need to be freed from the cabal’s control. (Hopefully, education will no longer attempt to make our children into automaton cogs in the wheel of corporate slavery, but instead will become more inner-directed than outer-imposed, so early on our children learn exactly what their gifts are, why they are here, and discover quite naturally what their passion is and experience the joy of living it.) Basic human needs like housing and food will need to be provided quickly for everyone on the planet, and most particularly for our children, old people, and those utterly without a place to call home. Our health systems should be changed, and I believe they should begin to reflect a more holstic view of our health issues.

At the present time as a result of Duality and the cabal’s control, so many of our problems are seen as ‘isolated’ from one another, when in reality, they are all very much connected, as surely as we as a species are all interconnected. I also hope that as a species we will also begin to enthusiastically assume our rightful cosmic role as the supporters and caretakers of our planet and begin to use our incredible and newly-freed-up creative skills and energies to return our beautiful planet, our Mother, who sustains us, to balance as we support her efforts to move into a higher dimension. Neil has asked me to work with him in all of this, and I have agreed and fully intend to work towards all of these goals. I hope there will be many who choose to join us.

Somewhere a long time ago I read that the United Nations had done a study and felt it would take a bit more than six months to clean up the planet. If this timeline is at all valid, it is not such a frightening one; it is very do-able! When we are permitted to used the new technologies that the cabal is keeping from us and if we all pitch in, organize ourselves, and get to work, the process could go rather quickly. We have had free, clean energy available for over 100 years, but it has been kept from us – in order to enslave us. Of course, it is the cabal, whose only goal seems to be to endlessly make money at our expense, that has been doing just that. This will all end.

When Neil is successful, he will completely stop the use of fiat money and usury, which is the basis of the Ponzi scheme and the stealing. (It is, if you are not already aware, the single event of which I know that caused Jesus’ rage as he threw the moneychanges out of the temple.) Our work will have ‘real’ value, and the gold, etc. will simply be a reflection of our ‘real’ work efforts. I don’t think the planet is ready to leave ‘money’ behind as a  means of exchange and as a ‘real’ representation of our work – not yet, anyway. Neil’s intention is to create an honest, transparent system, one that the crooks/cabal will be unable to access ever again. I believe he now has the complete means to do all of this, and it is only a matter of the stars lining up properly in order for him to succeed. While he is not naturally a patient man, over the years of his life, he certainly has learned patience, and more importantly, he doesn’t give up. Not many would give several million dollars of their own money and three years out of their lives to do what he is doing. He could easily have won his lawsuit, retrieved his stolen bonds, and walked away, but he saw the possibitlity of using his lawsuit to bring down the criminal banking system in a court of law, and he chose to do that – for all of us.

There is not a doubt in my mind,  BeWise, that he will succeed – and that all your dreams for humanity will then become possible. All it will take to fulfill these dreams is humanity’s willingness to pitch in and help do the work to change how we live here. I hope you and many like you, all over the planet, will decide to join in and work with us in our efforts.

Love and hugs to you,


Thanks for both your responses. I am a young man who wants to see true freedom and liberation restored not just for us humans but for our mother earth aswell. I first started on the path of truth in 2002, well truth according to the western mindset. I am just a young man, and have read the link you have provided from the newtommorrow website before. I do not mean to anger anyone or provide any malice intentions. I am merely stating my opinion as i see fit with the information I have come to know since 2002. But before 2002 I had my own knowledge which has been passed down from generation to generation by my family. This knowledge I have obtained is what is sacred to me and is the reason why I say the only true value is the human being.

I am a native american of these great lands called the Americas and the reason why I say that the real value is the human being is becuase no amount of gold, diamonds, precious metals, or fiat currencies will ever solve the problems facing not just the human population but our mother earth.

The reason I remain skeptical is because my people have been robbed and raped from the greatest genocide in human history which seems to never be mentioned and almost forgotton. When the Europeans first came to our lands, known by America, our lands were raped and our people tortured. WIth the invasion of the Europeans came the ideas of wealth accumulation, private property, and the concept of money.

My grandfather and grandmother both taught me that when the Eurpoeans came to our lands, they brought with them a mental disease which ravages the heart and soul of man. The ideas of wealth accumulation, private property, and the concept of money was very foriegn to us because we were taught, from a very early age, that each human beings has the greatest value becuase we have been chosen by mother earth to care and protect her. We were taught that our mother earth provides everything freely, and that the only thing asked in return by mother earth was to care, nuture, and work her lands in order to yeild her fruits.

The ideas of owning private property, the waters and fish in the rivers, the air we breath, and the crops our mother earth yields is the problem. This is the luciferian mindset which tricks the mind into believing that one most own these things in order to make a living but I tell you that our mother earth provides everything freely. It is this idea of value, in the form of money, gold, diamonds, precious metals, or any other raw material which our mother earth provides freely, that has enslaved the entire human race. It is the very idea which the Luciferians or cabal use to keep the slavery system going, and is the reason why I say that provding legal monetary solutions will never solve the problems our humanity faces. It is just not our human race that is facing extinction but every single living thing on this beautiful mother earth, aswell as the planet itself. It is the only home we have and using old paradigms, the concept of value or money, will never solve the problems we now face.

Money, or the percieved value thought of by current western beliefs is the problem. This is why i say that releasing the World Global settlements, or any other hidden alleged wealth will never solve any problems. How can throwing money at real problems solve anything, this is exactly what the Luciferians do, throw money at a problem in order to solve it.

I am grateful that there are people like yourself Mr. Keenan who has the courage to take theses Luciferians head on and it takes great courage which I admire. But we must solve the earths problems with new ways of thinking, and when I say new, it really is not new but the original way of thinking. Which is that the real value is the human life, soul, and spirit that lives on mother earth. The Luciferians know this which is why they created the concept of value through money, currencies, gold, or other raw materials our mother earth provides freely. It is their beliefs which have been inserted into the beliefs of the human population and we are the ones who provide the real value while the Luciferian Cabal suck the life like the parasites they are.

I do no resort to name calling just because someone else has a different opinion than my own. Calling me ignorant is really not necessary when the real truth is that the invasion of the Europeans to this great land known as America, which occured 500 years ago was the start of the genocide against the true elders of the mother earth. The Luciferian cabal feared our way of life which is why the genocide occured, we were free people living off the nuturing of our mother earth, and most viewed our way of life as primitive but we lived as one with our mother earth and now, due to this mindset of money and value, it has lead to the darkest period of our mother earth and the human poppulation.

The one difference between the OPPT and your case Mr. Keenan is that the OPPT, according to those who call themselves trustees are allegedly working to release ABSOLUTE DATA, this is what humanity needs, disclosure of the ultimate truth because in my eyes this will solve more problems than releasing any World Global Settlements or monetary value. If you yourself Mr Keenan are working on releasing this disclosure of truth then I thank you and wish you success in the liberation of our human family.

I will not call you any names, becuase my heritage has also taught me that we are all brothers and sister, even the Luciferian Cabal are our brothers and sisters, yet it is up to humanity to unite in love and those of the old ways, the original ways.

Why do we humans need to put value on what our mother earth provides freely, it is the idea of value and money which has caused all these problems and has infected the hearts and souls of all humans.

We are the only species on this planet that pays to be born and pays to dies, which is the ultimate slavery, why must I pay to be a slave but this is what has occured ever since humans starting putting value on what mother earth provides freely.

In Love and Gratitude,


Elder of the ancients ways. / link to original article


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