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Ron Van Dyke – NESARA, OPPT, Secrecy, Communication, Confusion – 5 April 2013

Uploaded on 5 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Even if everyone spoke English, we would not be speaking the same language. What we say and what others hear depends on variables, making our communication speculative at best, rather than absolute in fact. This came out very clearly for me yesterday in my Mystics in Training Class, private conversations, listening to a discussion about NESARA with James Rink and a man named Doug, and other things I encountered. Heather’s anticipated debate about the OPPT with Dean Clifford did not happen due to the death of Heather’s mom on Wednesday. Doug criticized the OPPT because it wasn’t secret; while I praise it for that very reason. Some see the ETs as angels, while others are convinced they are demons. Some label a belief in right and wrong, good and evil as judgment, while others see it as common sense. Even “love” means different things to different people. Can you see why we are so confused as humans? I can; and that’s what I’m asking you to consider today.

AscensionPioneers – 2013: Year Of Co-Operation, Community & Wholeness – 5 April 2013

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Irma Kaye – Uranus/Pluto Square (2013-2015): Daring To Dream & Taking The Veil – 5 April 2013

Uranus/Pluto Square (2013 – 2015): Daring to Dream & Taking The Veil

Hello friends. Well we’ve had the Uranus/Pluto square around now since 2010, and I’m finally getting around to some commentary. This is partly due to the amount of time it took me to truly connect to these energies, as for a long time they seemed rather elusive to me. I wanted to get past the traditional and exoteric meaning of this aspect, to search for something deeper. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I often get messages and themes in music, and this time was no different. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Save The World – Will There Ever Be Peace On Earth? – 5 April 2013

Uploaded on 5 April 2013 by Kemetprince1 Being Neutral is The Perfect Balance Between Order and Chaos!
Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below: http://www.infinitewaters.net/books My Website: http://infinitewaters.net

Ron Head – My Dear Friends, Tomorrow Is Here – 5 April 2013


You have reached the end of a short period of rest, which we gather from our channel, you really were not all that comfortable with.

It is time now for you to assess the tools available to you and to determine what your contributions will be.  Are you truly ready to begin?  If it all breaks loose tomorrow, can you say that you truly are ready?  Because, my dear friends, tomorrow is here. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – Being The Change, Tipping Points And Monkeys On The Loose – 5 April 2013

So many are asking, “What can I do? How can I make a difference? How do I go about helping to effect the changes the world so direly needs?”

Good questions.

I repeatedly say to people to get conscious and you’ll know what to do. What does that mean? Gain empowering knowledge and information for one. And if someone’s asking those questions they obviously know just where to find it. The exponentially growing body of information available on the internet is an opportunity of the ages. I don’t know if this happened in the time of Atlantis or not, but how unique an opportunity can you get?! Continue reading

Sophia Love – I AM – 5 April 2013

PictureThank you.  Your out pouring of love is an unprecedented declaration of unity, support and compassion.  Ryan and I are overwhelmed and thrilled with the energy you’ve directed our way; and return it without restraint.  We feel you and hear you and know you.  We are One.I was woken up about 3 AM this morning with Truth – I sat upright with the power of it. (Not normal 3 AM behavior, for sure!) Shooting through me was a knowing.  It is a challenge to put it in English, but I’ll try. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Are 3D Relationships A Thing Of The Past? – 5 April 2013

Uploaded on 4 April 2013 by Kemetprince1 The New Way of Love! Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below: http://www.infinitewaters.net/books My Website: http://infinitewaters.net

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – 97% Of Spain’s Social Security Pensions Are Invested In Spanish Government Debt – 5 April 2013

mish-image-15%Looking for a disaster waiting to blow sky high? I have one right at hand. El Economista reports 97% of pensions are invested in Spanish government debt in 2012.

The Reserve Fund of Social Security in 2012 increased their holdings of Spanish debt to 97% of total assets, up from 90% who had in late 2011. Continue reading

Dutchsinse – Acrid Smells Across New Orleans, Louisiana – Possible Hydrogen Sulfide Gas – 5 April 2013

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