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RemovingTheShackles – Heather Has A Point – 5 April 2013

HEATHER has a point

Posted on April 4, 2013 by sojournerbe

The day that most people don black and go into mourning, Heather is still in the trenches showing us all Absolute data. Amidst more doublespeak, she comes back with valid,  salient points. How can one ascend from Eternal Essence already? Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – New Hampshire Legislature Reveals US Federal Government Is A Corporation Operating With A Fraudulent Constitution – 5 April 2013

New Hampshire Legislature Reveals U S Federal Government is a Corporation Operating with a Fraudulent Constitution –

“the Act of 1871, created a corporation in the District of Columbia called the United States of America. The act revoked prior legislation relative to the district’s municipal charter and, most egregiously, led to adoption of a fraudulent constitution in which the original Thirteenth Amendment was omitted.” Continue reading

John Ward – Breaking – Japan: Land Of The Falling Yen – Yen Hits 100 To The Dollar – 5 April 2013

yenThe Yen went from 92.6 to 98 per US Dollar yesterday. Overnight it moved from 98 to 100.That was the nice round figure as of 08.40 BST today, Friday: and is, I understand, the BOJ’s target.

Clearly, the threat of thermo-nuclear conflict is good for exports. Continue reading

Eileen Meyer – While You Slept – 5 April 2013

While You Slept by Eileen Meyer

Apr 4, 2013

I had a long talk with an old friend yesterday – a fellow light-worker, or angel on Earth. We both shared quite honestly what we were feeling right now at this stage of the awakening, with the current OPPT Movement and all. We both agreed that we held some unexpressed feelings of pain and exhaustion, and both had experienced a very real sense of being “done”, along with a wondering if it was time to move on from this plane. I cannot tell you how healing this was to say it out loud and have it be heard and acknowledged by another ONE. I’m also happy that I might have provided that healing space for him as well. The poem below is what came out when I sat down to express this in words on a page. No time to make it perfect. The song added below was written and recorded in Garageband in 2007. Perhaps others who have been here for what feels like an eternity, holding this space, might resonate. If so, I’d like to recognize you. I’d like to say that I see you and appreciate who you are and what you have done in service of Spirit over the years with little to no accolades. We’re here now. Whaddya say we all sit down over here and have a beer. Cheers! Continue reading

NaturalNews – D. Heyes – Feds Raid Indoor Gardeners, Find Only Tomatoes And Squash Plants – 5 April 2013

NaturalNews-FBSymbol(NaturalNews) How insanely out-of-control has the war on drugs become? Apparently now, if all you do is buy equipment to grow plants and vegetables indoors is reason enough to suspect you of conducting illegal drug activity.

Case in point: State police and sheriff’s deputies in Kansas raided the home of Adlynn and Robert Harte, two former CIA employees, in a fruitless search for marijuana as part of a two-state drug sweep in conjunction with Missouri police agencies – all because they had bought supplies to grow vegetables inside their home. Continue reading

CLN – Ray Villard – Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code? – 5 April 2013

panspermiaThe answer to whether or not we are alone in the universe could be right under our nose, or, more literally, inside every cell in our body.

Could our genes have an intelligently designed “manufacturer’s stamp” inside them, written eons ago elsewhere in our galaxy? Such a “designer label” would be an indelible stamp of a master extraterrestrial civilization that preceded us by many millions or billions of years. As their ultimate legacy, they recast the Milky Way in their own biological image. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Do Not Allow Your Doubts And Anxieties To Discourage Or Alarm You – 5 April 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Humanity’s awakening process is proceeding apace.  At the beginning, many eons ago, it was slow and arduous for you, but now it is like a river flowing rapidly in full flood, sweeping all before it to the Ocean – Reality, Heaven, your eternal Home – and it is utterly unstoppable.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties, which tempt you either to try to swim upstream, or at the very least, arrest your progress by holding on to outdated attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Release all that unloving emotional baggage which weighs you down, seems to be dragging you down, and skim along in exhilaration like surfers or water-skiers on the surface of this tide of Love as you race towards the Ocean where the most magnificent welcome awaits your swift and certain arrival. Continue reading

Jean Haines – Neil Keenan, What He Can Do – And How Humanity Can Help Him: A Response To BeWise – 5 April 2013

jean-jpg3* BeWise’s response to Neil and Michael appears at the end of this post. . . ~J

BeWise, Neil and I have discussed your heartfelt response to both him and Michael, and since he is very busy, he has asked me to respond to you. He has cautioned me that the ideas I suggest here are going to take time to develop. For instance, before anything else can happen, he has already shared that an audit of the Global Accounts must first take place. There are certain countries that are in dire need of help, and at the moment as he sees it, this must come first. Please also understand that my thoughts here are mine alone, that things on the ground could change – and do, often on a daily basis, and yet these thoughts also have his approval: Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Reality Of You – 5 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

You, My Children, to Me, are like a field of buttercups! Your faces bob up to the sun. You dance in the breeze. You swing and sway.

Or, you are like a chorus of baby birds opening up their mouths, ready to receive their food and swallow it down the hatch.

You are something beautiful that has come into My life — waved by My hand, rushing to Me by your own motion and, even so, you are propelled along by a Silence that lies in wait for you and takes you in its grasp. Continue reading