Sophia Love – I AM – 5 April 2013

PictureThank you.  Your out pouring of love is an unprecedented declaration of unity, support and compassion.  Ryan and I are overwhelmed and thrilled with the energy you’ve directed our way; and return it without restraint.  We feel you and hear you and know you.  We are One.I was woken up about 3 AM this morning with Truth – I sat upright with the power of it. (Not normal 3 AM behavior, for sure!) Shooting through me was a knowing.  It is a challenge to put it in English, but I’ll try. I AM Absolute.  There is nothing between me and Source.  I know who I AM.  I AM Power.  I AM Truth.  I AM Love.  There is no need for interpretation – I AM.

There is no Truth in waiting – There is only Now.

Waiting is divisive – it imagines before and after, unknowing and knowing, illusion and clarity, then and now.

We are expecting an energetic wave of pure eternal essence; and then Heaven on earth.  This early morning epiphany tells me the only thing I’m waiting for is Me.  Duality persists only in my mind.  Change it and it’s gone – now part of the landscape of Unity.

This was crystal clear at 3 AM; perhaps the knowing is something we must feel rather than read or write.

“I AM ABSOLUTE” is the clarity that woke me up today.  What prevents me from living this truth is all in my head.  Our New World is here and only a belief away.
Ryan and I are basking in the Love you’ve shared and continue to share.  It is not that it just showed up, it’s that we’ve only just noticed.  Your love surrounds us all, every moment of Now.  Each moment you are Love. Every moment you are Truth.  No law, debt, title, badge or belief negates this.

Recognize now the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of YOU.  You are One.

With deepest gratitude,

This song I heard when I got into my car this morning, and I sang it to my eternal heart, I sang it to Me.  I sang it loud and probably not on key, but I sang from my heart and I felt it.
It is time now for Agape. Nothing trumps self love.

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