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I was looking at this picture and memories of the 60′s came flooding back to me. What an amazing time that was. It sticks in my mind as if glued there with super glue, it was a time that shaped my journey to where I am today, who I am today. I guess part of the reason those memories remain so intact is because we were still so young and doubt had not weasled it’s way into the far reaches of our minds yet. We were innocent and bold and full of conviction. We had a mission we were on and we barreled full steam ahead on it. We made great strides back then, we almost pulled it off and shifted the planet, but we became lost in the curling whisps of marajuana smoke and the intensity of LSD. We had the right idea, BE LOVE, we had the drive to make it happen, and even though we failed to complete our mission at that time, it would be to our benefit to look back closely at what made us as successful as we were.

I think part of what allowed us to move as far ahead as we did, was for one we had opened our minds via the drugs we consumed and we opened our hearts to being loving, but I also think the fact we were living out what we were thinking was so important. How many of us are doing the same today? The internet has allowed us to to communicate via the air waves and in doing so we stay mostly in our minds, where as back in the 60′s we were interactive with one another, forming into families and walking the talk. That should give us something to think about. How can we walk our talk more these days and be together as families?

The benefits of the internet are vast and powerful, it has brought the whole world together as one, but at the same time it’s presence in our lives has allowed us all to retreat into our own worlds, which is good as far as going within and connecting with ourselves, but at the same time it is hampering our coming together in person and sharing and being our energies. In the 60′s you could surely feel the energies flowing and attracting one another. Love radiated out from everyone, we ate it, slept it and breathed it. We WERE the movement back then just as we are now, only then it was physical.

So could this be where we are lacking a bit in our mission today? Is our lack of physical contact in family oriented groups holding us back? Are we being affected by our lack of sharing our energies in person? I think we may be affected in the sense we are not being what we are thinking as much. Yes we are being love now and holding the light, but for a great many I fear that is being done mainly in their heads. The new world vision is not being LIVED OUT on every level. I would imagine that adds great power to the act of manifesting to not only think it and feel it but to live it as well. We are trying hard to BE LOVE and stay in the light and because of this we have gotten as far as we have. Bravo! I am just wondering out loud if it is possible to take it this one step further.

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