Bill Ballard – G and I Did Intense Water Healing Ceremonies This Past Week For Gaia – 6 April 2013

Uploaded on  6 April 2013 by pearls2u

Manye been wondering where I have been as I get back online and look at Ron Van Dyke’s video of today. I see the same as I look at my messages and on my Facebook wall. I was doing Global Water Ceremonies here around the leaking

Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant and connecting these ceremonies to the Gulf (Deep Water Horizon BP Oil Spill), to the Bayou Corne Sinkhole event, Fukushima contamination waters in the Pacific as well as all other waters around the planet. It was done via LOVE and Ceremonial Energetic Focus with the aid of many others.

One of my soul family, Ginger, flew in from Canada to perform these ceremonies with me. Our mission was to connect all waters within, on the surface of and in the atmosphere above Mother Earth, Gaia. We did this by using Sacred Geometry symbols placed in the waters and ceremonial focused intent with me holding the masculine energies and she the feminine. We connected all waters above on and below, and with help of the higher vibrational Manatee, Dolphins, Whales, as well as the Galactics, Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and others who joined us, we established a “Rolling Vortex” as Mother Earth spins within a Merkaba we generated.

This can be visualized like a Cosmic Vaccuum Cleaner over Mother Earth as she spins pulling all lower vibrations, pollutants, negativity and so on off her to allow more light to and higher ascended(ing) vibrations to infuse all who come in contact with any and all water on this planet.

The negativity and lower vibrations are channeled to the Cosmic Sewer System I have described many times, and to the Black Hole at the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy for transmutation. We were instructed to do multiple ceremonies this week that totally surrounded this crippled nuclear power plant. Our other instructions were about connecting all waters to each other above and below and join them to all previous ceremonies done on behalf of Gaia. The ceremonies generated a “Rolling Vortex” which will remain opened for all to connect to who feel that calling, and forever more. Anyone’s doing so only amplifies the effect and intent already placed.

There are also many fixed vortexes we re-energized that can now be felt here in this part of Florida which were not previously functioning at their present and very intense capacity… It is very amazing to feel these now!

For all who were wondering where I was, this was my mission this past week… I’M BACK! Sorry if I freaked anyone out with my focusing on another mission. This was specially asked by the higher realms that Ginger and I do this work!


This is Ron Van Dyke’s Video asking where I was, I saw this morning

This is Judith’s Video speaking of how important it is for us to use our powers and just how powerful WE ARE!

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