Jean Haines – My Blog Now Takes On A New Direction – 6 April 2013

jean-jpg3Let me start by trying to clear up what I believe is a misunderstanding. I think many of you have misinterpreted Neil’s work in regards to his understanding of money. If you read his most recent article, it is all about breaking the death hold of the cabal on us – via our money system. This is the same reason I long ago focused my blog on the financial aspects of the shift that is taking place and is perhaps the reason why Neil and I met here on my blog. I, like Neil, felt that when we broke this financial stranglehold, then everything else would fall rapidly into place: the abuse of our children, food, planet, working conditions, tax system (illegal in the United States and Canada; there aren’t any laws on the books – don’t know about other places), the out-and-out thievery of our incomes, our Social Security, the usury, and on and on.

My belief is that money, in and of itself, is not the problem. It is the human element, the confused human viewpoint concerning money that is the problem. Neil understands the failed money system completely, and I believe I do, too. It is my belief that we are now moving into a rapid process of change, and Neil is providing the pathway to get to the place many of you now foresee. Please read this quote from Neil’s most recent article:

“As the dust from this momentous Changing of the Guard settles, plans call for rapid implementation of emergency funds, eradication of phony debt, and careful development of humanitarian programs for the nations of the world.  These funds will not be distributed to governments or banks [never again!], but to foundations that serve the people [and will remain completely transparent!], that stimulate national economies, rebuild infrastructure, implement free energy technologies (yes, they exist!), restore the environment, or provide health care and education.” [emphasis mine ~J]

Now pay attention, friends, … I hope you can see that what Neil is doing is – returning power to the people! 

Ask yourselves: “What is the difference between our present paradigm and everything that your heart tells you will be the foundation of the new one rapidly taking shape before our very eyes?”

Most importantly, then ask yourself if our Third Density, 3-dimensional, prescriptive thinking is to be so completely changed by so epic and so powerful an event like Neil’s work will accomplish, what you think will happen to this Third Density planet afterwards.

What then, also, is the purpose of the continued use of money? As I see it, in practical terms, if China sells a tractor to South Africa, because of the obvious physical distance, the use of gold as a very practical and transparent symbol of the value of the exchange is honest and reliable. That’s its purpose in a nutshell – and while you need not agree with me, I see it as a good enough reason to continue using money.

For quite a while now, I have been well aware of Neil’s ideas, but in my own recent article, Neil Keenan, What He Can Do – And How Humanity Can Help Him: A Response to BeWise – from ~JeanI could only allude to these changes, because I knew of the very real dangers of making them public too soon. Since Neil has decided to speak more publicly of his ideas, I also feel free to do the same.

I quote what I think are the relevant paragraphs from my article:

“As a successful and respected businessman, he understands your concept of money, and his efforts to stop the stealing from the Global Accounts and to use them wisely to benefit humanity through humanitarian projects that will put people back to work are based on this understanding. There will be no free-money-rides from him, but he intends to see that good, positive work with fair pay is provided for all sorts of people, pay that will take the pressure off and fear out of our personal and family lives. I am sure there are those who will want to clean up the ocean, sky, and soil and crop degradation. (I, personally, am already using an inexpensive scalar tool that within seconds returns my food energetically to its original, healthy state. What I am saying very clearly here is that we need not be in fear of Monsanto and its minions.) When we are finally free and can begin using free, clean energy, our entire planetary energy system will need to be changed. Those who choose to heal the emotional trauma and damage inflicted by the cabal likely will need support and help. Our children and their education will need to be freed from the cabal’s control. (Hopefully, education will no longer attempt to make our children into automaton cogs on the wheel of corporate slavery, but instead will become more inner-directed than outer-imposed, so early on our children learn exactly what their gifts are, why they are here, and discover quite naturally what their passion is and experience the joy of living it.) Basic human needs like housing and food will need to be provided quickly for everyone on the planet, and most particularly for our children, old people, and those utterly without a place to call home. Our health systems should be changed, and I believe they should begin to reflect a more holstic view of our health issues.

“At the present time as a result of Duality and the cabal’s control, so many of our problems are seen as ‘isolated’ from one another, when in reality, they are all very much connected, as surely as we as a species are all interconnected. I also hope that as a species we will also begin to enthusiastically assume our rightful cosmic role as the supporters and caretakers [stewards!] of our planet and begin to use our incredible and newly-freed-up creative skills and energies to return our beautiful planet, our Mother, who sustains us, to balance as we support her efforts to move into a higher dimension. Neil has asked me to work with him in all of this, and I have agreed and fully intend to work towards all of these goals. I hope there will be many who choose to join us.”

Permit me to repeat myself: Neil and I already have talked extensively about these things, but I have not been free to express myself beyond the above allusions until now, because his physical safety along with members of The Alliance seemed important.

This last article of his finally frees me to begin to shift my blog in another direction – helping people to raise their personal vibrations – one person at a time! I believe it is now time for us all to begin to make incredible personal healing changes by sharing available information. I happen to be living in a community that is incredibly rich with people who have the skills and the technologies to do so, and I intend for this kind of information to be Priority Number One on my blog. Some of the modalities of which  I am aware are scalar energy tools (I will be responding to everyone’s requests for information about this, but I need to speak with the individual who has developed them – and, yes, there are other wonderful tools available!), quantum biofeedback, various kinds of energy medicine, and all sorts of other alternative healing methods – as well as a friend here who as a professional routinely cures cancer using nutrition and alternative medicine.

I feel sure that if I can help people to become aware of what kind of ‘real’ and valuable help is out there, everyone can if they choose likely find the same sort of help closer to home. Perhaps people will also want to train for new careers in these areas, hopefully with scholarships available for those in need. As you have also just read, I have strong ideas about other things like the care and education of our children, and I plan to provide thought-provoking information on these topics, as well. Why not also push GNH (Gross National Happiness) rather than GDP? 

I feel like we are now at the dawn of a new era! The new paradigm is truly here!

Love and hugs,

~Jean / link to original article

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