Dr. Katryn E. May – Part 139, Our History Of Courage And Triumph, And The Imminent Defeat Of Dark Forces – 7 April 2013

KatrynMay-1by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/05/13
Sometimes there are circumstances that make a person feel that all of life is against them.  A child who is sexually abused who is then blamed for the abuse; a woman who leaves an abusive familly only to fall into the clutches of an abusive husband; a man who is humiliated and beaten by a father who then disowns him; a family that is driven to a refugee camp where the daughters are raped and the sons conscripted into a war they did not want.  Life on planet Earth has been traumatic, chaotic, and for some, a journey of tribulation that would defeat anyone who was not made of the toughest stuff.  There have been holocausts throughout history, of which the Nazi attack on the Jews was the recent and most thoroughly documented.  And still, courageous people who have suffered such inconceivable trauma have managed to survive and go on to live decent and productive lives.  

There have been times when the rest of the Universe has been inclined to give up on the race of humans on Gaia, to throw up their hands and allow another complete destruction which would wipe out all civilization, with the attitude:  good riddance.  The Darkness that has pervaded the cultures, the relationships and the institutions of Earth have been so thoroughly corrupt, so twisted in the way they overtake the human psyche and plunge the citizens into dark thoughts, dark feelings and dark actions that there were many who despaired of ever being able to restore Light to the dying planet.  Toxic chemicals in the food, air and water, toxic practices for extracting the last drop of blood from Gaia’s suffering body, and toxic teachings which poisoned children against anyone not like them from their first breaths – what could possibly be done to restore her former glory?

And yet, our dear children would volunteer again and again to return to the pit of Darkness to try, in spite of the danger of going to Earth with the Veil of Forgetfulness obscuring the Light and Love which they might have otherwise enjoyed for eons, on other adventures across the galaxies which are available for exploration.  Still they returned to the planet of danger and challenge, of startling natural beauty and abject ugliness.  These were the warriors and champions, forged in the fire of many lifetimes of pain, laughter, triumph and defeat.  As the darkness descended under the influence of the Dark Entities from other parts of the Universe, many of our brave children were seduced and co-opted by the Dark Forces during the very lifetimes in which they had intended to defeat the Darkness, to help their fellow man.

Most often, there were heroic sacrifices which ended with little effect on the slide into darker and darker conditions, leaving our strongest Masters feeling beleaguered and discouraged.  Still, our bright star Jesus Sananda continued in his belief that humanity would eventually free itself from the seductive grip of Darkness, and would triumph.  We watched generation after generation of our dear ones return to the fray, sure that this time they would be able to persevere, to overcome the constant temptations of material wealth, lascivious sexuality and dizzying power.

Individually, you did triumph.  You grew stronger and more determined with every lifetime, but the drift toward Darkness continued because the grip on the masses of people who were kept in poverty and fear could not be broken.  You were unable to organize yourselves effectively because your leaders were killed and your women and children tortured by the Powers That Be.  Except for brief periods of Light, like the Renaissance in Europe and the American Revolution, the masters held their tight grip on the slaves who had no way to find happiness in their dreadful lives except by preserving their abiding Faith and by experiencing deep Love for their partners, their children and their enduring friendships.  These gifts of Love kept the Light alive on the planet until this day.

There have been quiet heroes who taught children to read, who taught neighbors to husband their flocks and who learned to survive and help others by their own wits in the midst of war, famine and oppression.  Through the centuries, we have celebrated your determination and your strength.  You are the creators, the survivors and the saints who have become renowned throughout the Heavens for your fortitude and courage.  It was your choice, always, to continue to struggle to regain control of Gaia, not by force from without but by wresting control from the Dark Hats by joining forces with Us in higher dimensions, by raising the consciousness of the oppressed masses and by tipping the balance toward Ascension by teaching the Way of the Light.

Masters and Teachers who came to walk among you played a part in keeping your Faith alive; certainly Sananda’s life was not completely in vain – there are still those who feel the truth of his message of Love, Compassion, Equality and Liberty in spite of the distortions which were purposefully introduced immediately upon his death.  Similar distortions and misinterpretations were added to the teachings of Mohammed, Buddha and other great prophets, all of whom wished to set their people free from the bonds of the Dark ideas which paralyzed them with fear.

Along the way, many of you have learned that death is not the end, that it is preferable to die for what you believe in than to live as slaves, and that We are with you always, in every phase of your being.  Whether incarnated there or here with Us, it is one constant thread of learning, evolving and ascending to ever higher levels of vibration as you move toward Oneness.

It has been a long and arduous journey.  You are feeling tired now because you have had a moment to breathe and reassess the long path that brought you to this point in your shared struggle.  As the winds of change sweep across your dear planet, you have tasted the possibility of triumph at last.  The promise of a date, an end point was tantalizing in your habit of 3D thinking.  When Dec. 21 came and went without a sudden and absolute end to the struggle, many of you were discouraged and disillusioned, but you have made a comeback, as you call it, and are now once again taking up the cause in order to finish the work that is yet to be done.

Now, Dear Ones, is the time of genuine growth and transition.  You are laying the groundwork for the New Golden Age by your daily acts of kindness and generosity, by helping to bring the Dark Hats to justice, and by teaching The True Way to a newly awakened population who are vaguely aware of the value of what you say but who still remain “skeptical” – that is, under the sway of negative thinking as it has been taught by the Dark Ones.  Yes, you will get help from your Star Brothers and Sisters, but you have succeeded on your own, as was your original intention.  You did not come here to Earth to be rescued.  You came to make a difference and to learn to manage the human condition on your own terms – to find a way to be in command of every thought, every feeling and every action – to live a life of virtue regardless of the pressures and challenges around you.

Live every moment of your life honorably and enthusiastically, Beloved Ones, and you will have succeeded in elevating the energy within yourselves and in your environment.  Bring Love and Kindness where Darkness has prevailed and you will have done your part to create the historic Ascension you have all foreseen within this lifetime.

Yes, there will be miracles to help you make this transition, to speed the process of bringing Light and Freedom to Gaia, but We can tell you that you would have accomplished it without the help of Galactic Forces.  This is why it is now possible to offer certain interventions, including the Disclosure and the eventual landing of your Star Brothers and Sisters.  The technologies they will bring will speed your transition and help to heal Gaia, and will bring joy and celebration after the long years of difficult work, but do not think that this will be the reason for your success.

Feel the energy around you.  Your fellow humans are joining forces.  The women are coming forward as leaders who will bring a more compassionate and loving tone to the halls of government, even as all the institutions which have organized your lives dissolve and reform before your eyes.  You are truly on the verge of a new era, and it is you who have created this historic triumph.

As the Dark Ones are being increasingly held accountable and brought to justice, you are cleansing the planet of their toxic influence.  It is happening daily, and the tipping point has already been reached.  Those who remain, still clinging to their 3D belief in power over others, greedily embracing their material possessions and their belligerent belief in their own ability to defy Light, may appear to be the Darkest of the Dark Hats, but they are in fact the ones Kathryn has called Wannabes.  They are the converts, the followers and the hangers-on.

You see, the original Reptilian Dark Forces have gained their followers among the genetically purer humans.  This is why we have called them Wannabes (in Kathryn’s book).  They still have a small thread of connection to their hearts and are therefore capable of returning to the Light, once the spell has been broken and the wages of corruption have been revealed.

You have worked hard over the past months to cleanse yourselves of old 3 dimensional ideas and belief systems.  Now we ask you to go forth and teach those who had mistakenly aligned with Darkness, against their better instincts.  Teach them to use their intuition, to reach down to find inner strength, and to make the contribution they are capable of making.  They may scoff or mock your ideas initially, but with less conviction since their heroes and bosses are being shown to be truly cowards and weaklings.  You will not get the resistance you used to experience – persevere and you will find a willingness to learn, and you will begin to see them blossom (for they are the late-bloomers).

Be the Love you want to see on the planet; be the friend you wish to have, be the loving partner you wish to enjoy, and you will create a vortex of Light energy so powerful that it will be impossible for the awakening ones to see anything but the joy of joining with you in creating the new world you are manifesting all around them.

We celebrate your successes, and we love you beyond words,

Your Mother/Father God

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