Freedom Central On Finding Voices Radio – 19:00 CET Freedom Central – Mel Ve Interviews Russell Blattberg About The Economy – 7 April 2013

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Presentation Mel and Richard Ve

Join Freedom Central tonight for our weekly broadcast. We will be in discussion with Russell Blattberg about the economy, and all that is happening around the world at the moment. Join us from 6pm GMT 7pm Dutch and South African time

Freedom Central is an alternative information platform which provides views and topics that you will not find in the main stream media. We answer to no bosses and do not work for money, as we fund our own travels and rely on contributions from the truth seeking community to bring you productions to provide you many different and alternative perspectives to the world we live in. We do not wish to convince you of anything…the power to make up your own mind is the greatest power you have, and thus, we empower you to decide what you want to believe…


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