Judith Kusel – Initiation In The Higher States Of Consciousness – 7 April 2013

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The Initiation

When we first seek to go deep within and search for answers, as to why we are here and how we connect to the greater all then we start essentially the quest for KNOWING. It is that deep inner knowing, believing, finding and expanding, which has been the journey of all of those who sought the Higher Meaning of Life itself, and then, most importantly, the meaning of Love.

Mostly with that first opening up of the heart, one would then be called to become an initiate into the higher serving and therefore into the Priesthood, and then later, into the Higher Priesthood.

In itself, then, once someone was ready to go into these different stages, they would have to go training, and also tests – the tests mostly were to hone their inner strength and to seek to establish whether they were serious and committed enough to become greater than themselves, for one could only truly serve in the context that one was prepared to expand and grow – and in order to reach the High Priesthood, one had to stand out completely and those entering the realms of initiations into the High Priesthood were put through the severest tests of all, and most often only the strongest survived these initiations, as they were strong in heart, mind, body, spirit and soul.

It is crucial to understand this, for often we want to ascend into the Higher States of consciousness, and then do not expect, nor want or baulk at what happens then, for in the state of initiations, we will be stripped bare of all that we have ever hung onto, or held dear, or withheld or clung onto, or used and misused in our lives.

Initiations are painful and very hard to go through. In Ancient times, they used methods like putting acolytes out into the harshness of the desert to fend for themselves, or to go on vision quests in the wilderness areas, or to induce altered states of consciousness via medical herbs or potions, and some were even thrown into snake pits, where they had to learn to overcome all fear, and once they overcame the fear for venomous snakes, for instance, these could do them no harm. Many died in the process for they could not conquer their own fears.

The remembrance of the initiations into the higher states of consciousness, is ingrained in human consciousness and has its remembrance in mythology – notably the QUEST. The hero goes on a quest to find the Holy Grail. Along the road, he meets with many obstacles, temptations and even has to rescue damsels in distress, falls in love, and then has to conquer dragons. When he eventually finds the Holy Grail, it too is still elusive. He has to overcome his greatest fears, learn to kiss his dragons and to accept that love is more than just the love of a maiden, but is essentially love which conquers ALL – and for receiving the ultimate prize, he has to surrender completely and utterly – even up to surrendering his conquering sword.

Such a Quest breeds humbleness in leadership for one cannot lead but from the front and it is the trials and tribulations that hone the leader – for if a leader does not know first hand how to conquer dragons and wield his sword mightily, he will not be able to lead others into battle – the proverbial battlefields where the human soul has got stuck in many patterns of destructive behaviors and then to lead human kind out of that, our hero has to conquer all the patterns ever created within himself and without himself, in order to lead his people into a new and higher form of life itself.

I have been led through such a journey in the last few years. At first I had no idea what was happening, until one day, in meditation I was shown that this was what was happening. I was told to surrender and then to allow myself to be led, without constantly engaging my mind with endless questions, but to learn to step past my mind and into my heart, and then to listen to guidance of the deep, still voice within.

A lot of guidance came, and I learnt to span dimensions and whatever was given to me, I recorded – sometimes not even understanding what I was recording, only TRUSTING that whatever it was, it would serve me and mankind in the end. I was told that I would have to go through experiences which would pioneer the way for others – in the process I had immense spanning of the normal experiences, into what one can term as transcendental. I would record them all – for I knew it would become important later on and whatever it was, I had to trust the process.

It is then, for the first time, that I understood the limitation of our own mind, in absorbing the dimensional states – where one could function at multidimensional states of BEING – and experience this fully and consciously, without having to physically move anywhere.

(I just want to make this very clear, that all of this I did without ever resorting to taking any drugs or medical herbs in order to induce these states.)
I merely allowed myself to tap into my own soul and its multiple BEING and then from there into remembering who and what my own soul was on many dimensional levels of existence. I have been and am all of what I have ever been before, and still am, in many levels of existence – and so are all of us.

It is when we are on this planet, that we forget all of this, and start shrinking, becoming fearful and then disempowered, because when as children we remember this, we are ridiculed, or told to shut up, or the educational system get hold of us, and the media, and we start living the walk of the living dead, where all information which we are fed has been controlled and water down until it too is the walking dead.

When we start going deep within, we start connecting to the GREATER COSMIC whole, and therefore to the infinite resources and energy systems which have always been there – it or they have never left – the infinite supply is always there. We have just forgotten how to tune into this and fine-tune ourselves.

When we put up our hands and start asking who and what our souls are, and then ask what our soul contracts entail and why we are here, then our initiations start and then, we will be tested to see if we are serious about living our purpose and if we are serious of stepping into our Highest Service.

We will only be able to tap into our true and full soul potential and to start remembering what we are supposed to remember, once we are found to true of INTENT. When our intention is pure, then we will be asked to let go of all the false programming, all the lies we have been fed, all the mis-construed education and thinking and learning, and get back into the truth of all time.

If we start shrinking away from this, then we will feel far more pain, and discomfort, than when we follow our Quest – for ultimately the initiation might be painful yes, but there are immense rewards with ever single step we take, with every initiation we have past through and with ever single dragon we have conquered.

We become stronger, and freer. We do not care anymore what Tom, Dick and Harry are saying and whether they approve of us, or not. We understand that we are not here to please anyone – we are here for a specific reason and to fulfill our soul mission. All else is a mere distraction and is keeping us from growing and evolving a soul level.

So, I am thankful for my journey of initiation and I am thankful for every insight, vision, and understanding I have gained. Most of all I am thankful that this has filled me in so many ways, that I can now assist others to reconnect with their own souls and their higher mission in life.

Ultimately once the hero find the Holy Grail, he becomes changed – exalted, for he has stepped into the higher dimensions – the higher states of consciousness and cannot go back be being a mere Knight-in-Armour anymore. He now is ready for the training into the High Priesthood, which is the next and ultimate level of initiation and his whole Quest must start all over again.

Such is Cosmic law…..

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