Kauilapele – Freedom Council With James Rink And Doug…”TONA, NESARA, Saint Germain” From March 30, 2013, Video and MP3s – 7 april 2013

freedom_council_james_rink_logo1(Lucas: Indeed Kauilapele, it is about the personal process that all humans need to go through and now some have almost done and some are still in the middle of and some are just starting. )

[UPDATE: “TONA” = “Titles of Nobility Amendment” (the original 13th amendment)]

This video, by James Rink and Doug, is more data. I may have more to say about all this later. But I found this fellow “Doug” (and James Rink, who appears to have just graduated high school) presented a lot of information here, some of which I have not heard about, but much which is backed up by what I have heard from other sources, both past and present.

They do speak briefly about OPPT, but appear to lack any in-depth understanding of what it is. They seem to hone in on the “$5 billion per person” part found in an earlier document, and demonstrate only a cursory knowledge of the OPPT.

Overall, I feel this information may help some understand that there is a process going on, a process to release humanity from the shackles it has experienced. And although I do know that I AM “Absolute Eternal Essence” (or is that “Eternal Essence… Absolutely!!”?), NOW, I also understand that there is a process for all of our “Eternal Essences” to be REAL-ized. In all dimensions. It is a process.

Since I had challenges with the video stopping and starting (and found it hard to listen to that way), I converted it to mp3s, which are below (the video is below that). However, it is very nicely made, and has many helpful photos and illustrations. If it works for you, I’d recommend watching the video.


MP3s (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Complete show (1:40, 23 MB)

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