Rev. Christine Meleriessee – New Earth Frequency Update – Transitional Healing – 7 April 2013


As the weeks roll by, we are still going to be hit with higher frequencies and changes within our lives.  This week represents allowing the energies we have experienced previously to be fully grounded within our physical existence.  The Spring Equinox was an energy surge that many individuals may have felt more deeply than 12-21-12 and rightly so.  The planet was in a state of preparing for the Spring to occur even though the challenges that we incurred during the 1st Trimester of January, February, and March were to prepare us for the increased frequencies of light.

So the Equinox arrived and now it has passed through us.  What do we do with the energies presently and how do we continue when the upheaval is still occurring within our lives?  Make no mistake about it ~ this last full moon was another interesting energy surge to make us think bigger, be better, and find the courage to keep moving forward.  What I am finding with these energies presently is that no matter where we are within our pathway, the conditioned ones or the new awakened ones, each of us is being challenged greatly to get deeper into the Core of our Essence.  And that core is ever changing no matter what your intention may be.

Master Kuthumi shared this week in our Monday evening, Clarion Temple of Oneness, about the Regeneration of our Essence to prepare for the Lunar Eclipse and the Festival of the Christ which are occurring on April 25th, 2013 which will also be the Full Moon (to listen to an excerpt of this call and buy the MP3 download, see Walking Terra Christa, Master Kuthumi .   This week is our time to allow the changes that we incurred in last week’s full moon to be accepted within our cellular structure of the physical body allowing for the regenerative process of these cells.

Make no mistake about it, when you work through the higher frequencies of light, you do regenerate your livelihood within the physical body.  It is the process of anti-aging as the deeper we become intertwined with our spiritual essence, the healthier we become as a human being.  Our food changes, we are utilizing plant-based herbs and minerals for our well being, and walking away from the conformed society of healing our bodies, minds and spirits.  This, in itself, is going to assist the body in transforming greatly.  If you have not seen any of these changes occur for you, continue with the higher ascension work and you will start to see dramatic improvements.

As our emotional and mental levels start to shift into the higher self, we then start to change our physical reactions within the body.  So it is important to realize that the changes you have incurred during these powerful activations are assisting your body to receive more Light Quotient within your Being.  This process can be unbelievably powerful and sometimes very debilitating, but so very life changing.

So my advice at this time is to relax into the energies that you have received.  We will be coming into a New Moon on the 10th of April which we will once again be filling the Rainbows of Lights Dispensation.  This is ongoing through the year and it is important to tap into what colors of the spectrum you are receiving.  They are coming to you for a reason.  Even if you do not know what they mean, utilize them within your breath, and accept the transformation that will occur for you.  To learn more about the 22 Rays of God, see our email program, 22 Ray Challenge, .

It is important that each of us be in preparation this month to experience another resurrection.  We will be celebrating the Festival of the Christ which is the first of the three Wesak festivals.  This represents removing the parts of ourselves that will not be able to stay within the light frequency as we raise our vibrations during the Wesak event in May.  We believe that it is important to continually purge and regenerate ourselves during the month of April so that when the Lunar Eclipse comes in late April when we will be more prepared to walk through yet another doorway of the Christ Consciousness.


Greetings Beloved Comrades of the Light,

This week is truly representing the effects of Spring to allow the new born self to become accustomed to the new energies that are occurring.  The transitions that each of you are experiencing are taking you into new heights of awareness within your four-body system so that you can be fully activated within the next step of your evolution.

It is important to take these moments and fully accept what you have experienced, notice the differences within your body and your emotional and mental levels as they will tell you how you are adjusting within the totality of your existence.  The changes that have been occurring within the planet are beyond what we can really express and the most important part is having each of you understand what you are creating within each moment.  Make no mistake about it, the challenges of the last full moon compounded the energies of the Spring Equinox and now is the time for you to take inventory again of where you are situated.  This means to understand the frequency you are now incorporating and how you are adjusting to those energies.

Every time there is a surge of vibration within the planet and each of you individually, you must adjust your body to hold those levels of light.  This is an adjustment within itself as in some moments you may feel quite balanced but in others, you will feel vibrations moving through you, your head may seem fuzzy and off-center with your thoughts, you may have vertigo, or ringing in the ears.  It affects each person differently depending upon the level they are incorporating and how much of it is actually being received.  There is a misconception in the mind when you start to feel the frequency running through you as may have a tendency to want to meditate or fall asleep.  The levels of vibrations that you are receiving are not all being accepted at the same time.  It may take quite a bit of integration to fully allow the energies to be incorporated within the full body system.  The surging of energies through your arms, third eye, heart chakra, or other areas are a testing ground.  When you meditate or fall asleep, it means that the body is accepting the frequency as you, the soul, exits for a little while.

Notice how you feel after such an experience.  Many of you will have grounded more energies than you ever thought you would be able to and relaxing the body is the only way to allow the integration to fully occur.  Another way to assist in this process is walking or exercising if you have the energies to do so; taking a bath and allow the vibrational level within the cellular structure to just relax and rejuvenate.

We offer these suggestions so that you can allow the frequency that your Higher Self is intending to be within your physical structure.  It is also imperative to realize that parts of the body that are weaker will gravitate towards the essence of vibration in order to heal more deeply.  So we do suggest that you take some moments of self-care to fully allow the energies to change.

The other aspect you may want to be aware of is that as it enters the emotional and mental levels, issues can arise as a result of the integration.  You may feel emotional, drained, happy, or sad and have thoughts that you thought were gone while experiencing moments of euphoria.  These are all symptoms of allowing the frequencies to be fully activated within your Being.

This is a time of great transition so this week you may be feeling many of these elements centering within you.  Take the time to reflect and see where the confliction is occurring so that you can take better care of accepting the frequencies.  This will alleviate any emotional or mental energies from taking over.  Remember, you are accessing your Divine Self but at the same time you are removing the lower ego and mind from your consciousness.  Sometimes the thought process within that level may not be very excited to be leaving.  Again, it is up to you within your own individual self of what you may or may not need at this time.

Transitional Healing is the most challenging to get through as it can happen at any time within your day as you are experiencing the nuance of initiation within the physical level.  At the same time, GAIA is also integrating the same essences so the planetary consciousness is also going through many challenges.  Some individuals may not realize what is occurring and being on the ascension or mastery pathway is very helpful as there are reasons of why you are experiencing these changes.

Take some moments to fully reflect on what you felt like before the activations, how you were affected during the integration of the energies, and then what is happening as a result of these changes.  It is like being in an earthquake and being shaken up through all parts of your body, and then having to adjust to the process once the energy has been grounded.  Some areas may need healing, others have adjusted perfectly, and changes result within the composition of the body.

These frequencies of 2013 are going to be felt in this manner.  As we move through the month, we will experience more of the same focus pertaining to the dark side of the soul being revealed in order to create healing.  The Lunar Eclipse with the Festival of the Christ will be a period of resurrection.  It is important to take time for yourself before the actual event on April 25th so that you can be more fully prepared for the ensuing energies that will be occurring.  The transition will be much easier to accept which allows for the pulsating energies to be accepted by your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We do not want to scare you in any manner but to be prepared for the changes.  You are going through them presently and the more care you take on a day-to-day basis, the easier the transition will be.  Breathe and accept the challenges; know what works and what does not; allow the resultant energies to guide you through the process as you surrender within your Soul’s Essence to know you are being challenged to become a better person activated with your Higher Self fully intact.

It is our joy to walk with each of you through this process of transformation.

The Light is always in front of you, step with it, and the unknown shall be familiar and loving to your soul.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of Oneness.

We are the Unified Whole Command at your service.

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