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poofPOOF for APR 7: Let the Good Times Roll

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Hi, Folks –

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Let The Good Times Roll Lyrics Ray Charles.

Hey everybody,
Let’s have some fun
You only live but once
And when you’re dead you’re done
So let the good times roll,
I said let the good times roll,
I don’t care if you’re young or old,
You oughtta get together and let the good times roll
Don’t sit there mumbling
Talkin’ trash
If you want to have a ball,
You got to go out and spend some cash
And let the good times roll now,
I’m talkin’ ’bout the good times,
Well it makes no difference whether you’re young or old,
All you got to do is get together and let the good times roll
Hey y’all tell everybody, Ray Charles in town,
I got a dollar and a quarter and I’m just ringing the clock,
But don’t let no female, play me cheap,
I got fifty cents more than I’m gonna keep.
So let the good times roll now,
I tell y’all I’m gonna let the good times roll now,
Well it don’t make no difference if you’re young or old,
All you got to do is get together and let the good times roll
Hey no matter whether, rainy weather,
If you want to have a ball, you got to get yourself together,
Oh, get yourself under control, woah, and let the good times roll.

Greetings and Salutations;

So, like the beatles said, ‘christ you know it ain’t easy, you know how hard it can be’, and that one said he’d be back ‘soon’, 2,000 years ago! Every week since the late 90’s I’ve been talking about the things to come and the events that would shape them. It takes fire to make a phoenix egg break open so, this past week, the furnace was turned up and the eggs began to crack open. Some contractors in Iraq had their smart card loaded, one’s they could use internationally, too. That should tell you ‘something’ is locked in place. The folks in the rafters also put the rvs into the system and let them process thru it. That started the final countdown so you could start exchanging your currencies. It also began the the final move to the new metal backed banking system. Let the good times roll.

This is no secret, Canada has the machinery that controls the western banking system, it’s been that way for years, from the arctic to the antarctic. Should have remembered from junior high, I know it was boring, who cares? Well, it means something now, as all this stuff comes to a head. When is always the question, the answer is, it’s all relative. Jamaicans are fond of saying, ‘soon come’, which you learn means, when it’s ‘time’, like ‘shaman time’ amongst the native people. A clock watcher would find themselves very frustrated. As a farmer looks into the sky and feels the wind, he gets a reading on the weather. Even the moon phases tells him much about ‘when’ to plant, he using farmer time. City folk check their televisions and sometimes that’s iffy on accuracy. A watched pot never boils, is what the old folks say. But, there are measurements one can use internally to have a ‘feel’ for ‘when’. The Now is a broad range, as I learned, thru the years. The actual ‘moment’ is pinpointed somewhere in the now. Did I make That clear enough?

Bankers are not patriotic. Their game is money, they don’t care about politics unless it results in more money for them. Wall St is killing it right now, so much for the political rhetoric you hear on Rupert Murdoch’s franchise in NY, fox news. Shades of ‘1984’, ‘big brother loves you’, ‘war is peace’..etc.

You are entering the ‘time’ when you’ll enter ‘non time’, it’ll take some getting used to. Babies use it all the time, until we teach them to pay attention to the ticking on the wall. Your dog or cat doesn’t have a wrist watch but something tells them to go stand by their bowls. Not compare anyone with an animal but, it’s ‘time’ to stay close to your bowls. As you consume, you needn’t worry about a bigger dog cleaning out your bowl, they’ll find a cattle prod tapping that backside. Yipe, yipe. You’re getting a 5 star trust for the programs, work from a position of safety. The folks in the rafters had to work thru government politics to get things right for all, and you wanted to know what took them so long. Watched DC lately? The good news is, the long and winding road is at it’s end point. Consultations until the door bell rings.

Good luck and let the good time roll.


Love and Kisses,




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