Ron Head – Your Savior Is Standing In Your Shoes – 7 April 2013


Our topic for this day will be the messages that we send to you and your trust in us.  This is a very crucial question to the entire subject of ascension.  It brings into sharp focus the need for you to have developed discernment that you can rely upon rather than allowing events about you or the words of others to sway you to and fro like a leaf in the wind.

We believe we have never asked for you to believe in, to trust, the messenger, but have always urged you to base your judgment upon the content of the message itself.  Further, we will tell you now that messages that are sent to you from the higher dimensions, particularly those which contain the truth of the divine Creator, will always carry a detectable feeling to you which you will sense as a loving embrace.  It is the transmission to you of that which your hearts have yearned for ever since you have journeyed away from it.

We do not appeal to your intellects, neither to any other emotion or feeling than that.  You may home in on Divine Truth like a beacon by this energy of unconditional love.  There still are among you, even among those of you with sincere intent, those who persist in trying to analyze and dissect this phenomenon.  There are those who persist in asking for material proof.  There are those who continue to ask when such will be given.

Dearest ones, you have been doing this since the time of Enoch, of Abraham, and before.  And for all that time, and before, you have been taught that you, you physical co-creators of your own existence, are the ones who make those things happen.  Yet you continue to look up into the starry sky and say “When?”  You wait for a savior.  Well your savior is standing in your shoes.  And the time is now, if you so choose.

Sometimes what is needed is a little straight talk, is this not so?  We know that many, many of you are indeed not in need of this today.  You are far past that now.  Yet there are also many who still need to hear this once again.  Once again the community that has been built is being battered by those who claim to know better than to believe or trust.  And once again we are telling you to trust your heart.

Go within, connect with your highest concept of the Divine, whatever name you call it by, and ask for assurance.  We ask nothing further than this.

Be at peace in your hearts.  We shall speak again soon.  Good day.

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