Lisa Gawlas – Ready – Set – Go!!! – 8 April 2013

unconditional loveDo you ever take the moment to feel just how excited Life is to have you in it?  How excited the air feels for the privileged of surrounding you, the dirt and rocks for the joy of supporting your footsteps.  YOU are so very precious to Life itself and it wants more than anything to support your deepest heart desires and really gets excited when you allow yourself to follow your hearts desires.  If you can feel that and trust that, there is nothing in all this world you cannot do or get done!!

I know for me, in this first week of April, I could feel everything pick up and change itself, to release itself, in harmony with my own grand adventures.  Of course, I really had no idea what my grand adventures were (not really anywayz) and when they would start.  But I could feel the air itself prepping for movement.  With the acceleration of everything that got done this week, that I have been putting off/avoiding… (dealt with lower jaw, filed my IRS taxes, climbed the face of the Mesa) I know something bigger is brewing.  I have been reading YOU long enough to know how life works.  And let me say again, thank you sooo much for always always being there for me (and whomever reads these sharings) to learn from and hopefully apply the wisdom and guidance coming from your soul of sharing!

Thru all the readings yesterday, that partition that I talked about yesterday, was releasing itself, moving back down into the earth as each and every one of us is set into the high-octane energy of this second quarter of 2013!  Life itself has prepared a great adventure for those who dare to move into it.  Openings, enhancements, unexpected life experiences… some of the wonderful folks I read for yesterday already started to put their feet into their new adventures, the ground work was laid and they are going knee-deep into the New of their Life.  Every ounce of life was celebrating, already aligning new adventures that will take these precious folks into brand new horizons that will be quite unexpected and (I felt) very exciting!

So, I shouldn’t have been very surprised when I was having a (text) conversation with my dad last evening and I finally got brave enough to ask him how his lungs are doing and he didn’t sugar coat the answer (parents are so good at that…smile) his reply embedded deep into the calves of my legs.  He simply said “bad, but he is coping and trying to hang in there until the 4th of July (a huge time/party/celebration for him and his children.)  In that very moment, I knew, the moment I had teeth (smile) is the day I am leaving to head north.  Every excuse I had to delay the journey, crumbled.  Let me tell you, I am the worlds greatest procrastinator!!  The moment my mind shot up an excuse… spirit showed me it’s just an excuse.  For example, the classes… I really can do them from anywhere, even a hotel room.  OK that excuse is put to bed.  We know my pesky relationship with money, before that even got way up in my head, it was shot down by knowing an earth angel already said he had my back for this trip.

But yet, I know with every ounce of me, there is sooo much more to this spring/summer adventure that will put me on the road cross-country.  I suppose, we will unzip those files as I get closer to that timeline!

Before I close today, let me also come back to something important.  When I said the energy hit me in the calves, that is a huge message/movement to pay attention to.  In my world, the calves represent the foundation of life that you live from.  The closer to the ankle the energy, the closer this foundation is to babyhood, the closer the energy is to the knee, it is the foundation you created from your own yesterday(s).  The energy hit my own calves from about 4 inches above the ankle all the way up to the top… The very core of who I Am needs this journey, this time with my dad and release codes and understandings I cannot even fathom from today’s perspective.

Roller Coaster…!!  (I love that song!!)

Feel the energy within you, around you and move with it!  Life has some wonderful surprises in store, but ya gotta get out of your comfort (for me, excuse filled) zone!!

I love y’all soooo much and celebrate every wild and weird moment with you!!  With US!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of great adventures and sudden turns on your path of Love!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Classes now forming: Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!

A few more pictures from the Mesa:

our own mini pyramid

early kiva

the mesa up close / link to original article

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