MagentaPixie – Keycodes from Kuthumi – The Yellow Ray – 8 April 2013

Uploaded 8 April 2013 by MagentaPixie2012We present the Yellow Ray within the personification of Ascended Master. Archetypal presentation from one’s subconscious, out-of-time, non-linear DNA. Yellow frequency band awareness. The presentation in archetypal form we bring you this day is he who you would know as Lord Kuthumi. Channelled, written and spoken by Magenta Pixie. A meditation related to the topic of this video can be downloaded at

Images c/o Stock.Xchng, motion graphics c/o stockfootageforfree and motionbackgroundsforfree, music c/o Kevin Macleod. Video edited by Catzmagick Productions.


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