Pam Younghans – Northpoint Astrology Journal – Week 8 April 2013 – 8 April 2013

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this WeekMonday: Venus conjunct Eris, Neptune semisquare Sun; Tuesday: Mars conjunct Eris, Saturn sesquisquare Mercury; Wednesday: New Moon 2:35am PDT; Thursday: Sun conjunct Eris; Friday: Pluto stations retrograde 12:34pm PDT, Chiron semisquare Venus, Uranus quincunx Saturn; Saturday: Saturn square Juno, Uranus sextile Juno, Mercury enters Aries; Sunday: Jupiter semisquare Venus

OUR ANNUAL New Moon in Aries is a highly-powered one this year. At the time of the lunation on Wednesday, five of our 10 commonly-used astrological planets are in the sign of Aries, putting great emphasis on this energized and forceful sign. Plus, four of those five planets are in close proximity to each other, forming what is called a “stellium.”

This Aries stellium has the effect of four people with common purpose linking arms and striding down a sidewalk. In other words, as these planets join forces, very little is likely to stand in their way once they get moving.

THE FOUR PLANETS — the Moon, the Sun, Mars and Venus — are also aligned with the dwarf planet Eris, the farthest-known planet in our solar system. I’ve read some about this planet since its discovery in 2005, but have not explored its meaning in depth. It moves so very slowly (taking 560 years to move through all 12 zodiac signs) that it seems to be more descriptive of an era than of an individual or even of a generation.

Still, given the focus on Eris in this New Moon chart, it will be helpful to understand a bit more about its meaning.

ERIS has been in the sign of Aries since February 1926. This means that everyone currently living and younger than 87 years old has Eris in Aries in their birth charts.

In Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. This gives us a sense that her impact astrologically can be a bit pushy, to say the least, especially in her current location in Aries.

I FEEL it’s important to look beyond the obvious manifestations we might associate with the goddess of discord. It may be true that this week we will see some aggressions amplified — but what does it mean for us individually, and how can we best work with this energy?

Astrologer Lynn Koiner has been tracking Eris in her own life and in the lives of clients for a while now. Here’s a bit of what she says about the effects of the planet:

“Eris acts as a benefic if you are willing to grow and learn and integrate the lessons acquired. These new experiences become integrated into our consciousness and we are no longer the same — some component of our personality becomes morphed over a period of time.

“Everyone who experiences [an Eris] transit gives a very similar testimonial. The theme being — a very challenging event happens, usually suddenly as per Uranus. The transformation that occurs with this event liberates us into being who we really are, often allowing us to pursue a dream.”

THE DISCOVERY of Eris in 2005 challenged existing concepts about the size of our solar system and ultimately changed how astronomers classify the planets. In some ways, the effect was similar to when astronomers began to realize that the Earth orbits the Sun rather than vice versa — a paradigm shift occurred, and controversy ensued.

Based on this, we can expect that the effects of this planet are to challenge us to embrace concepts that are outside of our comfort zone — most likely involving at least some internal or external disagreement.

WITH ERIS highlighted in this week’s New Moon, we can anticipate that the lunation will initiate another wave of transformational change. It will be helpful to remember that the ultimate purposes are liberation and stronger alignment with our higher purpose. To ride this wave most successfully, we must be willing “to grow and learn and integrate the lessons acquired.”

The New Moon is also important due to being the beginning of a lunar cycle that culminates in a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on April 25. Yes, that’s right — it’s eclipse season again! Another reason to focus on what we can learn during this time, rather than pushing against what we cannot control.

OTHER NOTEWORTHY planetary events this week are Pluto’s station and a Uranus-Saturn quincunx, both on Friday.

As Pluto stands still this week, we become more aware of what has been hidden behind a facade. Pluto requires that truth be revealed. With Pluto in Capricorn, it may be a truth that we realize about our own goals and motivations, a truth that comes to light about a situation or a relationship, or a truth that is revealed about a social institution or government endeavor.

The revelations that accompany Pluto transits are meant to transform us in some way, to help us release unproductive patterns and attitudes, and to move us beyond denial and into a more empowered stance in life.

THE URANUS-SATURN quincunx on Friday is the second in a series of three, the first having occurred on November 16, 2012 and the last occurring on October 4, 2013. This aspect represents the internal conflict each of us feels between the desire for change (Uranus) and the need for consistency (Saturn).

A quincunx is said to require an attitude adjustment, since the two planets (and signs) involved are never going to see eye-to-eye. Instead, we must find a way to utilize the positive attributes of both perspectives.

With this particular quincunx, we must consider that there is value in both liberation (Uranus) and restriction (Saturn), in both rebellion (Uranus) and responsibility (Saturn), in both following the inspiration of the moment (Aries) and taking the time to dismantle old structures (Scorpio) so that we are sure that what we build going forward has a solid foundation.


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