Lisa Gawlas – Doorways, Outhouses, New Soul Code Activations And April 11th!! – 9 April 2013

outhouseI find spirit’s sudden switch in focus interesting and telling.  For the first quarter of this year, the focus has been on you, your light body and how everything is changing and the various tools now available to you (even if those tools seem a bit cryptic, there is always a reason for their presentation.)  Now the focus has completely switched to things being presented to you in physical life, alignments coming up designed to take you out of the “straight and steady” and much deeper, much more actively into Life itself.

I have to really pay attention to the symbolism’s being used as well.  Doorways have become pretty relevant these last couple days.  Then my last reading of the day yesterday just threw me for a loop.  She didn’t have a doorway, she had what looked (to me) like an outhouse!  A very small building with a pitched roof, colored in the now familiar deep orange (something that serves to expand your self of Self in this new world,) that showed up just off her center path on the left (physical) side.  No matter what I tried to do, spirit would not let me inside to explore the bigger details of what this means.  Altho they (spirit) wouldn’t give her exact details about what this little side trip of life was exactly, they did give her a time frame and I really feel, all of us something to be very aware of.

There are sudden, unexpected things that happen to us that is meant to change the course we have been heading in.  The example she was given with this “out building” was like my sudden and unexpected abscess and trip to the dentist and all that has been set in motion from that one event.  for me, it has truly changed the course of events in my own life.  Not that she is going to get an abscess… but something sudden, unexpected and changes the course you were heading in, but sets you back down on your center path to make the adjustments that are needed from that event, whatever it is.

Doorways are different.  Once you walk thru one, everything changes from that point forward.  Going with the roller coaster analogy, new track is immediately laid down and returning back to the center path you started from… impossible.

To give an example of this, I read for a lady the other day whose doorways off to the left actually formed a spiral within her physical life.  The first doorway was that deep orange and just behind it another doorway that was the new earth energy of red.  The first doorway was to expand her sense of Self within the (new) world around her and the one just behind that, was to place her actively participating with her new sense of Self on the new earth.  She knew immediately what these doorways represented, she was about to take a class in Theta Healing.  Thru that class that is coming up, she would meet a lady that would take her in a deeper direction with her skill set within life itself.  A spiral deep into her Self and an enlargement within the new earth and her role within it.

The one thing I am understanding as well, your soul energy will give you a heads up, but not a whole lot of details surrounding the heads up… that is because your soul also wants you to recognize these events and follow the energy trail once you are aligned with the event itself.

From what I am understanding this morning, this whole year we have been downloaded, or infused (however you want to say it) with a brand new blueprint of life, which actually makes sense really.  We have been programmed (so to speak) with the old earth energy, designed to get us to Here (if we allowed it.)  Those that arrived thru that thing I call the black hole and onto the new field of Life, of course you would have had to be restructured with new soul codes.  That is the very core of ascension itself.  To completely die to the old life without getting out of body, and like a brand new baby, come in with a whole new soul plan of experiences and abilities.  A new movement in life that takes you completely off the path you have been traveling and links you up to the new… including the new people who will surround your new life.

Your soul lives in the energy of spontaneity, remember that when a sudden opportunity comes up that just sweeps you off your feet with excitement and potential, follow that immediately and please do not let yourself go into buyers remorse, which can be so easy to do after the initial excitement seems to fade.  It really hadn’t faded, it became equal with your vibration, but that is exactly the time the mind would love to swoop in and give you all the reasons why you should change your mind.  DON’T GO THERE!!  Please.

There is also another constant these days, I felt it for myself last month and now it is growing with every connection and event horizon coming up with people I am reading for.  April 11.  I had to reschedule one of my dentists appointments last month and when they gave me the new date of April 11th a shock wave of energy went thru me.  Then, about an hour later, I had a new reading come into my inbox set for April 11th, again, that shock wave of importance hit me.  I started to see the number 11 as a fizzy white stream of energy coming into us… but what more it meant, I was clueless.   However, I can’t help but notice that people’s doorways and outhouses (smile) are very much aligned within and around that April 11th influx.

I even connected to one lady yesterday and was so surprised I couldn’t “see” her at all.  I had already done two readings before her and I could see just fine.  For her, there was nothing I could connect to.  My first worry was… shit, I hit the void!!  Those voids come suddenly and unexpectedly… but I didn’t feel disconnected.  Finally her team simply let out a few words that helped us understand why: “3 day cycle.”  Ahhhhh when you or life itself is undergoing a massive change, it takes 3 of our earth days to go from start to finish… Considering it was her 64th birthday yesterday… (6 is soul partnership, 4 is a cycle of completion on earth, together they house the energy of a 10, new beginnings with unlimited potential) this 3 day cycle makes sense.  She will emerge ready for April 11th!!

Try as I might, I couldn’t get any more understanding around the 11th… pesky pesky spirit!!

Another funny thing that happened to me yesterday from the moment I published my blog… Diana Ross was stuck on repeat in my head singing… over and over and over again “I’m Coming Out…!”  At first it made me smile, then it just annoyed me.  In between every single reading there she was, singing the same words over and over again.  Instead, I vented the annoyance on facebook and a lovely friend posted the lyrics.  I suddenly realized this is OUR SONG, our group soul song!  It really is the theme of the readings this week, this month and I am going to give you this song to feel with.  Hear the energy of your soul singing it with joy and feel the words… each word is sooo fitting for each and ever soul about to Come Out!!

I think of all the powerful lyrics contained in that song, this is my favorite:

I’ve got to show the world
All that I wanna be
And all my abilities
There’s so much more to me
Somehow, I have to make them
Just understand
I got it well in hand
And, oh, how I’ve planned
I’m spreadin’ love
There is no need to fear
And I just feel so good
Everytime I hear

I’m coming out

Uploaded 8 January 2010 by Marin Ljubić

Wiggle wiggle wrapped in (((HUGZ)))

Lisa Gawlas

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