Deborah Taylor – Headin’ Home – 10 April 2013

shutterstock_95133178How does this world talk to you?  Where do you get your information, your understanding of your relationship to this life and the totality of who you are?  Do you believe in what you see before you or do you, like the sentient being that you are, “feel” into events in order to gather your information?  Probably both. Would a white peacock walking down a country road get your attention?  It certainly got mine.

The way the world speaks to me can often be very simple; birds singing, chirping and tweeting while jumping from branch to branch, or a breeze that momentarily takes my breath away as it swirls past me with messages on it’s wings.  All these are obvious, but there are other subtle ways of communicating.  They are in the form of personal energy packets, delivered with no words.  Quiet conversations with creation making itself known. This is how I get my daily news.

Like the morning paper being flung over the fence, the dispatches get delivered and land at my feet.  The world talks to us and it is very loud and clear sometimes in it’s attempt to communicate what is important in this life and what is personally meaningful for us.  The language in which it communicates is fluid and changeable in it’s delivery, usually not so obvious or predictable.  Never underestimate the subtleties or the language of nature nor your ability to, on some consciousness or unconsciousness level, understand and sense these expressions.  Of course you have to be open and know a message when you sense one … which leads me to the peacock.

A very dear friend of mine died about two weeks ago.  His passing had a big impact on me.  Friends have moved on before, but this time it felt personal.  It was like I was on a boat, sailing along with everyone else only to have his energy move from one side of the boat to the other.  I felt the ship tilt.  For a while, I lost my footing and the deck felt unfamiliar and uneven.  While trying to work out my balance, I could feel him beyond the veil.  I asked that he send me a sign and then I let my request go.

A few hours later I was driving home, actually taking a road that I do not normally travel in order to get back.  On the opposite side of this particular country road, walked a white peacock.  I need to repeat that; a white peacock.  It was slowly strutting down the road with it’s plumes laid gently out behind him, like a bride on her wedding day, the train of her gown flowing behind her as she walked.  The sight was exquisite.  I live in New England.  These birds do not exist here.  Until that day, I had never seen a white peacock before in my life.

My first thought was; “Damn!  You’re good!” knowing full well that this was my sign, my friend nodding to me in recognition.  I slowed the car to a halt, rolled the window down and watched as it so eloquently walked by.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty, but not just of the bird.  I was in the moment of  magnificent joy and gratitude at the communication I saw in every plume and every feather.  I didn’t want to leave.  I watched him as he slowly and majestically made his way down the road.  It really didn’t matter where he came from or his destination.  The importance was in the moment and was for me to see.

When I returned home I quickly investigated the various meanings of a White Peacock.  As you can imagine, it’s all very powerful.  A white peacock is very unusual and highly revered.  Some of it’s attributes are; Christ Consciousness, Awakening and Light.

I didn’t need lofty interpretations of my experience, though.  My understanding is a simple one; I merely asked for a bit of news and then was answered in a way that I would fully understand and appreciate the beauty in the response.  Thank you, HM.  It was magic.

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