John Ward – The Paedofile : Did David Cameron Refer To “Gay Smears” In Order To Protect Tory Elm House Paedophiles? – 10 April 2013

camsofaCHE’s blatant attempt to get old paedophile charges wiped out

Cameron on the ITV sofa…defending gays or covering for paedophiles?

Growing suspicions in and around the Elm House paedophile investigation: senior Conservatives “hiding Downing Street connections to paedophile activists in the Tory Campaign for Homosexual Equality”

As Peter Spindler gets bounced off the Fairbank and Fernbridge paedophile investigations, the signs are there yet again that the Establishment is closing ranks to protect its endemic perversion problem. But a new look at an old Tory homosexual group casts some light into that infamous Cameron remark on ITV about “not smearing Gays”. Based on the evidence available, it is entirely possible that the Prime Minister is knowingly protecting murderers.

Peter Spindler, Scotland Yard’s top police officer overseeing the Fairbank and Fernbridge investigations into allegations of child sex abuse, has left the Met abruptly. He is probably leaving to spend more time with his children. Worried they might get abused or something. Sorry: tasteless I know, but the blatant nature of this filibustering makes me angrier than any other single topic.

In order to keep up the appearance of something going on, senior Met officers are in talks with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to bring in ASBO-style civil protection orders against paedophiles. This will doubtless work alongside the ideas of Law consultant Helen Reece, who wants all paedophiles to be absolved of monitoring and guilt the minute they’re released. Or put another way, I have no idea HTF it would work beyond making them all wear yellow stars that say “I f**k kids”. The whole idea is like debating the Court procedures at Nuremburg before catching a single Nazi.

“If you suspect somebody of paedophilia,” said David Cameron last year, “then tell the police”. I wonder if Dave (or his chum Nick Clegg) have been to see Plod about the man they hired as temporary Trade Secretary in October 2010? However, on that same ITV sofa, the Prime Minister also pointed out that we need to be wary of Rumour & Innuendo, because “it would be wrong to smear Gays”.

It would indeed, as there seems (based on all the evidence I’ve seen) to be no discernible link at all between homosexual tendencies and sadistic perversion. No, sorry there – I’ll correct that: there is just the one. Mr Cameron knows perfectly well what it is. It is the tendency of his infant-molesting friends to use well-meaning libertarian homosexual groups as a cover for their nefarious networks and overseas jollies to Amsterdam, Brussels, and all points leading to Prague.

Spookily enough, the trail leads right back to Elm House in Rocks Lane. And the deeply suspicious death of its one-time owner Mrs Carole Kasir.

At one point in the 1980s, Richmond Council put Carole Kasir’s children in care “to deflect her attention away” from Elm Guest House – ie, the deal was, “Keep your trap shut, or we’ll take the kids away”. Now, where have I come across that little threat before?

Mary Moss from NAYPIC (the lady inexplicably raided by Plod last year) broke allegations about Elm House twenty three years ago in 1990, during the inquest on Carole Kasir. Kasir was threatened several times by mystery thugs, and then turned up dead in her flat during June 1990. Despite Moss’s allegations – every one of which has been borne out – nothing was done. Fancy that.

Carole Kasir was a diabetic of many years standing. Yet somehow she managed to give herself an overdose of insulin, and die. Odd that: in 2007, there were 171 million diabetics taking insulin in the world. In 2010, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) reported 19,917 ‘toxic exposures’ involving insulin. They resulted in just six deaths.

Imagine what the chances are of Mrs Kasir getting her dosage wrong after all those years of injecting herself, eh? S’funny old world…unless of course she killed herself with insulin…..the way you do.

At the inquest, the court heard that Carole was found by a friend about 11am with “numerous injections and phials of insulin” next to her body. A suicide note was presented in evidence, but two child protection workers and a private detective queried the provenance of the note, telling the court Kasir feared for her life because of what she knew. She had been receiving threatening phone calls, and was being harassed by police, they argued. Also hard to explain was why Kasir had been injected several times in the buttocks, when she always took her injections in the arm.

Still, during the good times Elm House wasn’t short of recommendations from groups posing as homosexual liberation organisations.  One such was the influential CHE (Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality) – founded in 1975 by one Peter Campbell. Campbell was a rampant paedophile, and regular visitor to the fun and games at Elm House in Rocks Lane Barnes. As TheNeedle blogspot reveals in an excellent piece, it was innocently supported by those sympathetic to gay liberation, but ‘from its inception it was created as a pro-paedophile organisation and not an organisation which simply promoted gay equality’.

The evidence presented by TheNeedle is physical and conclusive: receiving complaints about aggressive paedophile presence at a CHE conference, the Chairman dismisses them as ‘only selling in the same way as many other groups present’. There are also references to Amsterdam alongside euphemisms about child trafficking and so forth. It is the usual paedophiliac sociopathy at work. In the June 1982 edition of the CHE newsletter, the group strongly recommended the guest house to its readers – complete with a glowing review.

The general view is that today, with nearly 400 members in the Conservative Party, CHE is free of any paedophile Fifth Columnists. Certainly, the vast majority of its membership are concerned solely with Gay rights. However, Pink News ran this story about CHE just four years ago, on 16th July 2009:

‘The Campaign for Homosexual Equality has been disaffiliated from human rights organisation Liberty, allegedly over a motion which called for a time limit on reporting child sex abuse….A letter from Liberty director of operations Raj Chandarana said that “significant” concerns had been raised about CHE and the “appropriateness of continued affiliation to Liberty”. It added: “In particular, your motion on child sex abuse is also clearly contrary to the objectives of Liberty, as listed in Article 2 of Liberty’s constitution.”

The contentious motion read: “We urge the government to introduce a Statute of Limitation which would debar any criminal prosecution in respect of alleged child abuse unless the matter was brought to the attention of the police within five years of the complainant reaching the age of majority.”

Oddly enough, the infamous Law consultant featured in yesterday’s Slogpost, Helen Reece, is similarly keen on the idea.

There is a very obvious reason why covert paedophiles within CHE want the SOL clause made law: it would immediately negate the point of any investigations relating to the Conservative paedophile rings and activities now known to have been at their peak during the 1980s.

From 1980 until his death in 1985, the Chairman of the CHE was Ian Harvey. He was ‘the man’ when the CHE gave a glowing review to Elm House. A former Minister at the Foreign Office, Harvey worked for ad agency CPV – the agency which for many years ran the Conservative Party election campaigns. He was an enthusiastic supporter of twelve as the age of consent, and allegedly a regular at Elm House.

In fact, the CHE has been advocating a reduction in the age of consent to twelve since its inception, but what disturbed Liberty was the obvious attempt by activists within the group to stop historical prosecutions forever.

The history of protecting VIP paedophiles is long and blemished. The one-time Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers (Nigel the actor’s Dad) played a leading role in the Sir Peter Hayman cover-up, and told Geoffrey Dickens not to name the paedophile diplomat in Parliament. Havers argued that Hayman should have retained his anonymity. In turn, Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) leader Steven Smith was a protected paedophile and DPP Sir Thomas Hetherington let him go free. The Slog has posted several times too about the mysterious propensity of a prominent Plymouth Judge to let paedophiles skip bail.

But the history of Elm House in particular is in a different league. It was just one hub in a massive child-trafficking industry, vast amounts of money were at stake, and ruthless élite sadists were facing not just disgrace, but also severe prison sentences. The connection between this thirty-year cover-up and CHE is impossible to deny….as is the record of senior Ministerial attendance at Elm House. A victim protection organisation has been raided, and a key witness found dead in deeply suspicious circumstance.

In that context, it is surely hard for the Prime Minister to explain away his specific reference – when caught unawares during a TV interview – to the ‘Gay smears’ defence used over and over again by the CHE.

For the fully story on paedophile protection networks and cover-ups, go to The Paedofile / link to original article

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