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Here we are! Can’t you feel the energies that are telling us we are landing in the new world with both feet on the ground running? We are here and we have received the messages over the past  tumultuous months of our journey. We have cleared out and built ourselves up, we have opened hearts and minds and we have bettered ourselves in every conceivable way possible, and now we are ready. We know what we don’t want, we know what we do want, we know where we have to go to do what we have to do and so it is time to end the waiting and just get on with the issues at hand. Step around and beyond the obstacles being placed before us, find new ways of doing business instead of trying to do business as usual. We know it doesn’t work so leave it behind! Like the owl in the picture, we have wings with which to fly and eyes with which to see 360 degrees the truth of the world. Let’s use both to make the world a better place to live. We have landed and it is time to activate. Not in the old ways of protest and anger, but in making changes within ourselves first, then in our communities and eventually throughout the world. The owls have landed and we mean business!

I saw an ad on TV when I was watching Super Soul Sunday. It was a call to join the annual run for the cure to cancer. I just sat there in disbelief that people are still buying this lie. There will never be a cure for cancer, only more medicines that create cancer as long as Big Pharma has its way. It has never intended to find a cure for the most lucrative way for them to earn billions of dollars. That money would be better collected by running for funds to build an alternative research center wanting to truly find the cure. To be good owls, as the Oracle Report would say, we must be willing to awaken to the truth and then fight for it. We are here now, it is time to get down to business! This is just one of thousands of reasons we must end the insanity of things like running for a cure that will never be and run to fund ways that will find it!

It is time to walk our talk and begin to live in truthful ways. Walk away from what is false and divest your time and energy in things you know will work because they are born out of  truth and authenticity. Be gentle to yourselves and all others around you. Gentleness charms the best out of people. It works every time! Have you ever been in a terrible situation where you maintain your composure until someone comes along and offers you kindness and support and comfort and you crack wide open? We respond gratefully to gentleness and caring but we don’t offer it enough or receive it enough. The world is lacking gentleness. We can offer it as part of OUR mission.  Chose to live each day through gentleness and compassion. It will improve not only your day but for all those you come in contact with. The world may be drowning in fear and greed and lies, but we can negate some of that lower vibration and raise it higher by adding gentleness and compassion offered from a place of authenticity.

We have already landed and the wait is over. Let us get busy being who we know we can be and start making the world a better place from the inside out. It is time to find the courage to stop living a lie. If we have ideas we must share them. If we don’t think we can activate  our ideas, there is always somebody who will. We are all different. I for one have always been the one to create the ideas and I hand them off to those I know will activate them and bring them to fruition. This is how it works. We all have our niche. The trick is bringing it all together and making it work!

Blessings to us all,

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