Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Truth And Illusion – 11 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

What can the purpose of sadness be? Sadness seems to be like a blanket you pull over yourself when you feel cold. In its way, sadness is like a salve you put over a wound. It heals. It helps to heal.

As distressful as sadness is to you, it is also like a sweet candy that you hold in your mouth. It is a palliative in that it soothes something in you. There is undeniably some sweetness in sadness. How can that be, and yet it is. Even in the going over a loss so great to you, that you keep weeping over it, either overtly with tears or silently without tears, your thoughts become like worry beads. With each bead, you keep counting the loss that is so dear to you, as if you were stroking your very loss, as if you came closer to that which has disappeared from your life in the world.

How can there be comfort in deep sadness, yet there is.

It is easy enough to say that all in life is temporary. It is easy enough to say that nothing in the world is permanent. The sands are shifting beneath your feet at every moment. The rose fades. The minute you hold a treasure in your hand, it is receding. Life pulls away from you at every moment.

It is easy enough to say that, in the world, you own nothing. It is easy enough to say that everything in the world is illusion. Oh, but how that illusion has you in its thrall. How much it means to you. How you dance to its tune.

Yet there is one eternal thing you have. It seems a contradiction. Actually, there are two eternal things you have when all is said and done. When all is said and done, you have life. Life without the body is life. With or without the body, unwaveringly is love. Only, to you, the love wavers. To you, love seems to flicker like a candle, yet love is all. To you, death seems final and love temporary.

It is not possible for Me to separate love and life, life and love. I do not know how to do it. I do not know how to do it anymore than I can separate My children from Myself. What you do every day, is impossible for Me to do even once in Eternity. I, personally, cannot even imagine separation. I know you accept separation.

I live in Truth, and I know it full well. You live in Truth as well, yet you believe in illusion wholeheartedly. Illusion seems natural to you whereas the Truth seems illusive. You believe in and experience illusion while the Truth of love and life seem farfetched. In any case, what good is Truth to you when you don’t really grasp it. It may seem like word play to you. It may seem like a fairy tale to you. You just can’t get the hang of it, and you feel out of sorts. It is a fairy tale perhaps or maybe a joke on you that I play for no reason at all that you can really see.

You would ask Me to dispense with all the in-between chasm of illusion and Truth. You would say:

“Why not make illusion and Truth One, then, God, as You do the finer things? Truth or not, the fact is that I feel left out in the cold. I want to be warm with Your Love, and I want to be warm in the physical presence of My loved ones who certainly seem to have gone somewhere. It is not enough that I will reunite with them some day. I want them now. And I want You too, God. I want You right now in full regalia.” / link to original article

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