Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call : Collective Of Altros – 11 April 2013

Wakeup_top_msgWe are here today to bring you a ‘touch in’ with us and with the rest of the galaxy. We are here in the matter of what is taking place in the universe as a result of what is taking place on your planet earth. It is a matter of the relativity of what is unrolling before your eyes, and what is to come forth in the coming times. When all unfolds on your planet in the way that it is destined to, it will be as a whisper of relief and gratitude for all of existence. It will begin on earth, my dear ones, for you are the ones who are instigating the changes that are lifting the clouds of secrecy and over-dominance that has been encircling the planet for millennia.

You are waking up at such a tremendous speed as to even overcome what we had seen could be, eleven short earth years back. As we observed what was taking place on your surface world then, we saw that it could take at least another two or three decades before we would see any of the changes that are in play right now.

We see that you are allowing the changes that are needed to accelerate at a pace that is astounding even to us. As you take the giant steps that are bringing forth the truths as they have been hidden, they are opening other boxes of worms that have been eating their way into even your subconscious. Now those worms are being loved into submission.

Yes, we say loved, because that is the only energy that can be behind all of the rapid changes that are taking place. As you send love to everything that you are finding to not be in resonance with you, you are releasing your hold on them and that causes them to lose their power and fall back out of it and drift upward into the only thing they can see. They feel the warmth of the light and they allow themselves to drift into it, bringing them relief from what they had not even realized was suppressing them so.

What this is doing for all of us in the universe is to see and feel our own energies being relieved of the essence that your planet has been sending out. It has been something that has kept a hold on what some might have considered progress in the early stages of your planet’s ascension. It was a matter of being able to gauge the relativity of your planet to the rest of the universe, and to find that it remained the same. That was before this past eleven earth years interim. Since then, we have been feeling so incredibly lighter and freer. Yes, it is something that we hadn’t even realized was pressing down upon us and causing us to feel suppressed as well. We didn’t realize that until it began to subside, and then we compared ‘notes’ so to speak, and found that we were all feeling and experiencing the same ease of beingness. It was as if we were released from the suppressing heaviness of a balloon that is weighing against us as it took on more and more air.

Now the balloon has burst and it is slowly releasing the hold it had on us. It is a wonderful lightness that we are feeling. It gives us an example of what you must be feeling as well. If we can feel this, then what you must be feeling is incredible as well. We see that you are experiencing many things in your ascension process, and many of them are not exactly pleasant for you. We encourage and congratulate you for what you are doing to meet these changes head-on and go forward in love and gratitude. You know that it is part of the whole experience. As each and every one of you reaches a new plateau, you are feeling lighter and more powerful in your abilities to create the kind of world you intend for yourselves.

We all look over you and we see the newness of the universe reflected back at us. We are the ones who have been holding the energies for you for so long, and now you are giving us your thankfulness in so many ways, in your abilities being sent forward and changing that which you have created. This whole creation that was destined for the expansion of all of existence is now at a point where we have gone beyond what was seen to have potential to be accomplished. As you go further with your movements toward the fullness of the fifth dimensionality, you are creating an infrastructure of crystalline energy that far exceeds what was seen to have been possible at this point.

We are all the students and the teachers of this classroom. We value you, and we salute what you are doing. We are the council of 12 who reside now on the mothership Nexus. We are here to assist you in any way that we can, for we are the ones who have come to be in this place of service, along with the others such as the New Jerusalem, with Sananda, the Phoenix, with Hatonn and so many others who have been in service in love and gratitude throughout this universal example of what we are capable of, who we are and from which we will ascend in unison and Love forevermore.

We are here to walk and dance with you through every step of the way. In love and light we sit back now. We celebrate with you all, our family of the Divine. We are the Collective of Altros, the Council of 12 on Nexus, and we love you all.

Thank you dear Collective of Altros,

Love, Nancy Tate / link to original article


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