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Mary Rodwell – Bases 20 – The New Humans – 12 April 2013

Uploaded on 28 January 2013 by megawatts1066 Mary Rodwell provides an update on the New Humans in this 2013 update from her original 2010 interview, at the International UFO Congress, at Laughlin, Nevada.  The DNA of many of our children is different, and these evolved children are being suppressed deliberately by our education systems to “Shut them down” This is the 3rd edition, sorry for repeated uploads, to correct minor errors. The current edit schedule does not allow for the independent reviews for production errors

BeforeItsNews – Bilderberg Behind Terrorist Attacks: Italian Supreme Court President Drops Bombshell! – 12 April 2013

beforeItsNews( Lucas : I have to say this : “There is a lot of info now coming out that is not new but will be used for stirring up things again. So please see it as data and just see it is a part of a bigger picture and all the info to make the truth seen come out. Do not get into a frenzy of info spreading. It is just a piece of a puzzle and it fits needly into the picture unfolding with the info and disinfo, All is part of the truth coming out. The Operation Gladio info is not new but this piece of the puzzle and the connection to the Bilderberg Group can be if proven real, hot!) (LUCAS : Will explain my view on things once again. Only if we reach neutrality, the balance between polarities, we can come together as one and overcome all and start building the real new. The two sides of the coin or the shades of light and the  dark are all part of source. We must all be seeing the dark and all its shades have played their role as did the light play in all its different intensities its role.  It is now time to reconcile both inside us and also upon this world. This implies also being out of the duality thinking of revenge, hate, etc. This is not easy for a lot but it is the only way to get uniting. Step over the stumble blocks of the past and the duality realm even if you still think to be in it. All this information is just the data that we need to see what has been and what was just an illusion or a lie. It is not about judgement is it about information you need to understand what has happened to move on!!!!) Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Expanding The Box Of Possibilities – 12 April 2013

Uploaded on 12 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Alright, I had another flying dream; and this time I was showing others that they could fly too. I laid in bed for over an hour before getting up and going into the mediation room. As I shared in other videos, flying dreams have been occurring throughout my life. There I was, embodied yet flying. I saw it again and again; yet when I return to this reality, I convince myself that that was only a dream and this is the box I live in now, one where I cannot fly. As I am challenged to reprogram the hologram that I talked about yesterday, I am feeling that the angelic or Higher Self part of me is trying to get me to at least get a bigger box of possibilities. Is this part of what Jesus promised when he said: “greater things than these shall you do…?”

RemovingTheShackles – The Sun…She Dances – 12 April 2013

Sunshine vector backgroundThe Sun…. she dances.

M6.5 Solar Flare + CME / Proton Levels
The strongest solar flare in quite some time took place within the past couple of hours around Sunspot 1719. The moderately strong event measuring M6.5 took place at 07:16 UTC. A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is now visible in the latest STEREO Ahead and STEREO Behind COR2 imagery. Because 1719 is now squarely facing Earth, the plasma should be directed this way. This will raise the chances of geomagnetic storming by this weekend.
http://www.solarham.net/ Continue reading

Anonymous Is US Phantom Enemy Created by Ntrepid Corp – 12 April 2013

anonymouscurrencies( Lucas : I leave you again to discern yourselves.  Hmmm,this makes you think whom you can trust! In first instance you always trust your own heart and gutt feeling and that is what is the truth for you! Only say to you see it as just as data. Do not get into an Info frenzy and repeat the sandy hook thing again. You are spending your energy than just to that information and you could have been spending it on your own development or things they want you to be distracted from. See that these things happen just in critical situations to get out of balance and into your mind and not in your heart and feeling. So be warned!) Continue reading

John Ward – Global Looting – How The Fat Cats Will Ruin Us With Fat Tax – 12 April 2013

fattaxThe debt-management stage of banks and globalist superpowers is over. The tax collection is now under way. In a frightening but entirely credible piece, The Slog plots the likely course of wealth transfer as the prelude to a victory for the dictatorial élite. As always, if they succeed we will only have our own cynical complacency to blame. Continue reading

Peter Russell – How To Meditate Without Even Trying – 12 April 2013

PeterRussellYou may be surprised to hear that meditation should be effortless, that no striving or concentration is needed. I know I was. When I first became interested in meditation, back in the mid-60s, I was repeatedly told that it took great mental discipline and many years of practice. Indian teachers had likened the mind to a wagonload of restless monkeys that needed to be tied down and kept quiet. Continue reading

DivineCosmos – “Big Announcement : David Wilcock’s Weekly TV Show!” – 12 April 2013

Finally! After 14 years of running this website and only a handful of videos ever released, you can now see David Wilcock every week — in a new, completely uncensored and unrestricted television show — on Gaiam TV!

[Interesting synchronicity update next afternoon. See below headline in red!]


CLN – The World’s First Algae-Power Building Opens In Hamburg – 12 April 2013

algae-powered-buildingTaz Loomans | Inhabitat

The world’s first algae-powered building just opened in Hamburg! Dubbed the BIQ House, the project features a bio-adaptive algae facade and it will serve as a testing bed for sustainable energy production in urban areas and self-sufficient living buildings. International design firm Arup worked with Germany’s SSC Strategic Science Consultants and Austria-based Splitterwerk Architects to develop the BIQ House, which launched as part of Hamburg’s International Building Exhibition. Continue reading

***THIS IS TUFO Report Sighting – ONE FOR THE SCEPTICS***the UNDENIABLE…♡♡♡ – 12 April 2013

report-ufo-sighting2uploaded on 7 April 2013 by MsAscension1 RECORDED AT COUNTY DOWN NR IRELAND..HERE IS WHERE THE LIGHT “CRAFT” SHOW SOME GREAT DISPLAYS…ENJOY! ( Thanks to http://www.2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com  for pointing this one out!)