TheOne-DreamDreamer – Quantum State Of The Void – 12 April 2013

There’s a place that is not a place, and a state that is not a state.

It is. And it is not. It can, if it Be-comes. All, and no-thing, but already is.

It’s been before and for ever will be, it can’t change for it already is… all. It simply shapes.

It gives what is asked. All ways. Be aware of what is asked…

Focus on lack and slavery… it gives lack and slavery. Focus on Joy and freedom… it gives you Joy and freedom.

The UniVerse is full of all that is, ready to give what is asked for, ready to show you what you want to see. Difficulties or easiness. Joy or sorrow. You’re the master, you’re the player, you’re the actor and you’re the witness. It’s all here for You. For your play.

Should you not be satisfied… change it. Change it by remembering that you Choose for you Are It. All of it.

For You exist. All ways and for ever and ever, there’s no way you cannot exist as you embody God in You therefore you Are.

What was once almost impossible to achieve is Now Here for You. It’s all about taking it, accepting it, allowing it. It’s here. Now. All the Energy one wants for whatever reason… Here. Now. From the The Void that All IS.

Forget about what society had labeled as “normal” and let your Self Be Normal. Normal means Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom. Anything out of it… is not “normal” to God, so it’s not “normal” to You.

Think twice… and be sure of what you’re asking for. Be conscious of your focus… for your focus is your reality. No good, no wrong, no bad, no right… simply choices. And if you make mistakes within yourSelf and what you think you ask and what you receive, think twice… and then again. It becomes clear only in One Way:

Through Honesty.

With Your Self.

For what is not Seen cannot Be Seen.

Have a nice ride. Oh YES! :-) link to original  article


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