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The time has come for us to ramp up our intentions and our beliefs and make our power felt! Despite the continual drawbacks we are constantly being given, we must proceed forward with great devoutness to reach the pinnacle of our journey to change.

We see now a new threat of war is being thrown at us to try to derail our  mission, but it is up to us to stand firm in our convictions and continue to maintain a peaceful and loving heart amidst the turmoil. It is so disheartening to hear the word ‘war’ even uttered let along have to witness our preparation for it. Are we not bankrupt enough now as it is without bringing everybody to their knees, and having woken up now we all know, or should know, that these acts of hostility are all being waged with an agenda in mind. For more power, more control, more oil, more gold, more land. This scenario has grown ice-cold and it is time to stop buying into the lies. The planet and her people cannot tolerate another war, more hatred and more killing for unnecessary reasons!

As they ramp up the rhetoric, so must we ramp up our quest for peace and love throughout the world. If we want it bad enough we can create it, simple as that, but we can’t stop doing what is needed to defeat this darkness. It is time to spread seeds of hope and love wherever we go so they may sprout and grow in the spring rains. We must be the Johnny Apple Seeds of this new world and get busy doing our job. It can be done so easily by taking the time to lift others up out of despair and offer them hope! It is being done in small ways all around the country, but now we must step things up and make it go viral. Remember at Christmas when strangers were paying off people’s lay-a-ways? This is the kind of thing we can be doing but with stipulations. Like that old proverb ” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

To just pay peoples bills, while thoughtful, it does not enlighten them to be better and do more for themselves. It keeps them dependent yet again on the outside world. Give the down trodden slums packets of flower seeds to bring beauty to their otherwise depressed surroundings. Arrange with trash companies and landfills to have one day each spring to organize FREE trash pick up. Give people a way to clean up their environment and in doing so lift their spirits. How can people rise up if we do not offer a hand to help them get out from under the heavy weight of poverty and despair. Yes people have to do for themselves, but they must have a way to DO to begin with. Once buried under poverty it is next to impossible to locate hope within the trash heaps and without hope there is no impetus to change.

It is time to begin to lend a helping hand more freely, for each person we help raise up that is one more heart embraced by love and just a little more happiness adding itself to the vibration of the planet. Encourage community gardens to help feed the hungry but grown by their own hands so pride can grow and flourish as well. Organize strong community groups where you live that make it their mission to keep watch over the elderly, aid them in doing things they can no longer do for themselves. Make sure children are encouraged to be a part of such activities so they learn by example the power instilled by reaching out to others. Food banks and shelters are life saving, but do not encourage self survival, but rather endorse handouts and more dependence. Find ways of offering these services but with a goal in mind of encouraging pride and a desire to do for themselves. Enough of the Government  handouts designed to keep victims, victims!

This is how we will ultimately win this battle. By finding ways to offer the oppressed hope and ways to create a better life for themselves. For each down trodden soul that is ignited by hope and can see light flickering at the end of the tunnel of darkness, the light on earth glows a little brighter and the soul of humanity as a whole is lifted and replenished. There are millions of ways each person and each community together can raise hope and bring this country back to life. We can do it and we must do it! This is how heads will win and tails will lose. If we use our minds to lift up humanity we will lift up the planet into peace.

Blessings to us all,

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