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The Avengers

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Let’s talk about those ‘Divines’ that humans  religiously give power over to,  pray and refer to in their supplications.

It is no surprise or secret that the ‘message’ is in the movie and one way the PTW use to disclose, thereby fulfill a requirement to continue their nefarious  ways.   In the movie “The Avengers” the scene where Loki desires to rule as king forcing the crowd on a NYC street to kneel before him, clearly states humans are meant to BE ruled. This sentiment is also included in the preposterous and flagrant ceremonies of 2012 Olympic opening/closing and Superbowl half-time to name a few.

Are these divines emboldened or desperate?

Are gods/divines [aka ascended masters] capable of  emotion or are they above that human trait? According to a few beliefs some deities are and some are not,  such as Form Realm (Rūpadhātu).

The Chariot of Zeus (1879 illustration from St...

Like the movie, the myths of Twelve Olympians gained their supremacy in a war of gods in which Zeus led his siblings to victory over the Titans.

When do we stand up and claim our power as Titans of our Absolute BEing? It starts now and we are DOing that! More and more are waking up and declaring their freedom and authority.

The divines are paying attention.

How does one know this? By removing all levels of status between us and Source, we’ve pushed the divines out of line. We are taking our place in line, which is FIRST!! Like the lightning bolts of Thor resounding his presence, chaos demonstrates divine scrambling to retain their illusive power.

Listening to Deryl Zeleny in his interview with Chris 4/11/13 on, Deryl’s foreclosure process sounds eerily familiar (minus the swat team) to my superior court process in 2011. Chris eloquently summarizes our place in this world in this whole process.

If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Avengers’, think of  OPPT closing the portal the  interloper divines opened, with  tools of UCC, CN, and Love!

Keep in mind, not all divines are malicious. They are not our superiors. They are fellow BEings experiencing Source, period. We are all Eternal Essence regardless of realm.

This morning I took my daily mediation walk and declared my Law as I do everyday to create my day; not have my day create me. Today I  edited.

I like the amended declaration of my Law, which I shall declare for 29 days until it is hard-wired in the neural. This manifests physically not just momentarily as it would if I philosophized it and not applied it. Why not create your own? It works. I put it in rhyme to remember the meme.

“I Am that I BE

ALL that is me,

Universal substance infinitely-

limitless wealth eternally-

Essence as Equanimity-

Bliss in DOing joyously-

I Am all-ways Free-

Absolute Authority-

I Am that I BE  happy! / link to original article

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