Lisa Gawlas – Choice Points And The Intense Magnetic Force Field Leading Into May! – 13 April 2013

magnetic-fieldMan oh man, if we aren’t getting pushed and shoved and pelted from every single direction!  We have the new moon at our back pushing us forward.  We have the energies of the triple eclipse already releasing their energy in what I call a back-flow to our present.  We have the sun slamming us from above with its codes and fire energy.  For me, this feels very much like entering the front lines in readings and coming out with battle scars!  By the time I was done with the last reading yesterday, I had such an all around headache starting from the base of my head at my neck circulating all the way around the front to my forehead.  Because of its constant and circular movement, I knew I spent just a wee bit too long in the field of intense light and no amount of ibuprofen helped.

Our spiritual energy is being expanded like never before, and the forces of nature are pushing us into life, like never before.

I have got to share my last reading of the day yesterday, first.  There really does come a time where our soul goes from asking you to move into your next phase of life’s growth to demanding it with action from its resourcefulness.  The last reading of my day was a beautiful example of this focused (if not forceful) energy from the Divine.

At first I was so shocked to see and understand her imagery.  There she was, on her center path forward with this huge bulge of orange energy that looked like it was shoved into her chest/heart area.  Protruding from that orange mass on her chest was a large orange-colored linked chain that actually felt more like a leash than anything else.  I could feel the energy of her soul leading that orange chain into her future.  The good thing was this lady was not resisting it.

The orange itself, usually associated with our sacral chakra, in my world, that means your sense of self in this world.  From my point of view, it felt like her sense of self was completely removed from her reproductive area and shoved into her heart area… with purpose of course.  Often times, we can easily get confused about our role and relationship in life.  The obligations we feel that is directly related to our sacral chakra… the energy and relationship of birth itself… connection to parents and children.  The ties from the sacral chakra can often times misdirect our own purpose on life’s field because we feel so obligated to this energy field.

Now image we have lost ourselves, our own identity to another, usually in a care taker role.  Your soul, your entire spiritual team, will have to take to task to dig you out of that connection to place you back into your own sense of self.  For this lady, this was understood by the chain leash I seen and felt coming out of her heart.  Her soul energy was in charge and all she could do was give in and accept.  Then she told me her back story.

She was a caretaker for her sick mom for many years, to the point, it was all she did.  She stopped living her life so she could care from her mom.  In a whirl wind of unexpected energy, she was removed from her moms care (forced out by the courts) and a restraining order was placed on her to keep her from going back… at least for now.

Not only did her soul remove her from her relationship with her mom (for now) so she could discover who she is outside of that, immediately she was placed in within the energy of others who would not only help her grow, but open her up to the joys of life again!!  She found love and joy almost instantly after being removed!!  Her Gift was that she understood why all of that was being done, and so she didn’t resist what was happening but instead, followed the flow.

The infusion of the orange energy in her heart, was done on purpose to expand her sense of self to her Self.

Many people would have had a melt down with so much legal stuff going on and being falsely accused of harming someone you spent so many years caring for… and most would have resisted the changes.  Fortunately, she really felt why it was happening and went with the flow and opened herself up to love and joy.  I had to giggle when she asked, like many people do: “what is my purpose in life.”

Spirit is not looking way down the time tunnel, spirit is only concerned with NOW.  What you are doing now.  The reply from her team was TO HAVE FUN!!  That is her soul purpose right now, to have fun in life, enjoy Being in Life, free and unrestricted.  But also, with a repetitive warning too.  She has an upcoming court date that her team kept repeating “dismissed” thru, but not to return back to the way she had been living, to give up her life caring for a mom she loves deeply.

So, spirit has been saying for some time now, get out of your comfort zones or be pushed out.  This precious lady can be the example of just how resourceful and pushy our spirit can be!!  Just saying…..!

Now, let me take this to the first reading of the day, because I realized (eventually) they were book ends to each other.  At first, there was nothing I could see with my first lady, it felt like scrambled energy that was indistinguishable to my processors.  Of course, my first thought was dammit, I must be down today.  I never know what a day is going to look like or feel like until my first connection on the field and even that can confuse me.  Is it you, or is it me!?  It was her!

The more I tried to focus on her energy the most I could harness was the back flow of this intense blue/black molecular energy spewing in to her present from the combination of eclipse’s coming up.  The fact that I had just rescheduled her on the day everyone was either a fire energy or a lava rock energy and she was a lava rock with this metallic blue on top… I knew there must be a connection between the massive molecular energy flowing into her from the eclipses and how I had seen her days before.  There was something solid now in her life, spiritual attributes that she needs to bring out and apply in her day-to-day life.  She started talking about what she could do as a child and that she had lost it all as she emerged into adulthood.  Let me tell you… nothing is ever lost!!  Instead, we shelve as we get lost in the illusion, but what was once there, is still very much there.  It is time, bring it back out and use it!!  The energies are not only supporting this… it is demanding it!!

Even my next lady amplified that sentiment back in her reading.  She had two fire cycles completing themselves at the same time, one within the other.  As these two circles of fire merged together, it spit itself out as her next adventure.  Sadly, I couldn’t even come close to understanding what that adventure was except it looked like a splat of liquidy molten lava on a bed of deeply green grass.  I so felt the energy of spring, new growth and yet a potential to solidly create from the heart of the earth (that hot lava) for earth and deeper in her physical life.

The one huge thing I am really seeing right now, no more hiding your spiritual self.  It is time to take what you know, what you understand and what you are capable of and LIVE IT!!  Live it out loud, in life, as a way of Being.  Hence so much BLUE.  Self expression on all levels!!

There is also another prominent communication coming thru for many, if not all, people: Choice Points.

I don’t think I ever realized just how many times in any given day we are making choices.  From the very moment you wake up and the moment you go to sleep, your day is completely filled with choices you are making.  As you are making a choice to either hit the snooze alarm or get up and take a shower, there are many other choices taking place way deep in your unconscious as well.  Choices that, as they move forward into your more conscious state of Being, start to emerge as an outward choice in life.

From what spirit has been consistently saying these last few days… not even they know what choices we are going to make at the deeper levels of processing and until they (the choices) come more forward in created reality, your path forward is unlimited potential of the unknown, or as my eyes see it, a blank field.

if you can image, choices are series of energy vibrations.  The moment you start to lean towards a particular choice with energy, it appears in your readings as movement.  We are coming into times, where you soul itself is making the choices for you and over ruling the egoic will of your Being… these movements, from my view, are intensely charged.  Holy cow are they!!

I read for a young man yesterday who just blew my hair in every direction.  The energy, the pure soul energy radiating thru his entire reading was literally making me sweat! His course forward was so energetically intense to make sure the direction of his soul was followed that I could barely sustain myself in his reading.  Everything I had seen within his upcoming path was so intensely yellow… pure soul energy and a major choice point (I really hesitate to call it a choice, because it wasn’t feeling like he had much choice in the matter) set up in between the last two eclipses in May.

So, lets take a moment and dig into the energy of these eclipses as well as the month of May.  Phew baby!!

I see and can I say FEEL the energies of these three eclipses all at once.  I see them as three really huge wheels on our timeline, but not solid wheels.  it is like they are made out of the material shredded magnetic material, very much like this:


Only, completely circular.  The three really large magnetic circles lay across the field (as opposed to in alignment with it.)  The two lunar eclipses spin to the left and the solar eclipse in the middle spin to the right, all at once, even right now.  What I am seeing and feeling thru each reading is what I call the back flow of these super intense eclipses.  A super concentrated sandwich of magnetic energy.  If this isn’t enough to make my hair stand up, we have another huge event in between the last two eclipses, aligned right around the middle of May.  I see it as a sudden and intense incoming magnetic pole of energy.  I had not seen these kinds of poles since I think the third quarter of last year as we were all getting ready to close out 2012.  This one feels even bigger and stronger than all of the ones combined last year.  Considering this is coming in during an intense magnetic alignment of eclipse energy… ya know May is HUGE!

When I see the energy of May, it is consistently liquid-gel like yellow.  Pure soul energy.  April, having been a fizzy violet is giving us the energy to LIVE as the Masters we are on earth.  To take us out of the corners of our lives and place us into life as a living expression of the Divine.  So it is not surprising that I am seeing so many peoples path right now taking them out of their center path and moving them into the full on field of Life to  be the Living example of Spirit alive on earth.

Whatever our choices are in April, is aligning us to go back to our center mid May… forever changed, forever enhanced and forever expressing form the soul level.

When I see that magnetic pole placed down in the center of May, holy cow batman, it creates the biggest splash of the gel like yellow in a 360 degree radius.  Nothing is unaffected by its powerful, magnetic force.  And yet, we are still undergoing the magnitude of the eclipse energies too.

I have not seen much of June, except that it is incredibly blue in its energy.  If we can follow the color trail of this second quarter:  The fizzy violet fires up the true master energy within your life.  The yellow is your soul suit living out loud in life, way beyond just the physical.  Blue is the pure expression of your combined last two months, the ascended master fully living by the heart, expressing in all ways in Life.

One of the readings really puzzled me yesterday, more so than usual (smile.)  A beautiful man I have been reading for for a very long time, I know his back story and his current story well and yet, he is always right there to take my beyond my understanding in that moment.

He showed up with this intense funnel of deep blue and black energy above his house.  This, really wide at the top, funnel energy connected from the sky to the top of his house.  The thickness of this funnel energy was intense.  I realized there was an alignment within this energy, his house, him inside the house and the ground in which the house sits on.  Trying to get any more understanding or even movement in his imagery was like pulling teeth.  Talk about making me work for a living!!  Sheez!!

Finally, we got to witness his energy field (but not his biology that I could see with my eyes) moving forward in his path of life and this energy funnel started to unwind, kind of reminded me of pulling saran wrap off the roll.  It stretched out to a point between his now and the first eclipse energy, so about a week away, and curved into his right as it started to wrap itself around his energy.  What I didn’t realize yesterday, but do now, what I was witnessing was his pure consciousness out in the (perceived) timeline being wrapped with this funnel energy.  As I had said, his biology was not present in this wrapping, yet, I know this mans soul energy and could feel that part of him as the funnel unwrapped from his home alignment to his pure consciousness alignment.  I suppose (smile) his body will catch up with him, eventually.  From what I am understanding now, there is a greater soul agenda that needs to make sure its alignment on the field of earth happens (I would say too, over riding the ego)… and he is already being prepared for that in this encapsulated moment of time.  Of course, the details of what it all means to him… not shown at all!!  Pesky, pesky spirit!!

Keep in mind, May is an intense alignment with your Souls magnetic field of desire.  Choose to follow that path now, no matter how uncomfortable or even confusing that may be.  Take time to rest, because the energies are deepening and aligning to a whole new level of Being.  But most of all… have fun and enjoy this adventure of living Life from the Soul level!!  There are so many secrets, great adventures, just waiting for you to explore!!

Magnetic ((((HUGZ)))) of loving joy to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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