Lucas – The Alleged Standoff Or The Realization Of Multiple Dimensional Perceptions In The Moment Of Now – Wholeness – One – 13 April 2013

handsuniteWe are getting there moment by moment as perceptions are shifting and others are feeling they are questioned in their beliefs or coming to a standoff in their own perceptions in the dimensional reality of now.

It is not difficult to say there is a lot of movement as truths are often just pieces of a larger puzzle or even just parts of a greater truth.  The judgement is still expressed and I see it all around. It is about foul  play, unfairness, even manipulating the truth or personal attacks anonymous or not.  Those doing so are just showing the old ways that keep trying to find their way up the slippery slope without any luck. 

The message is clear change your perception and wake up to that what is really new. See there is no need to be mastered or bullied around or controlled as divine human beings anymore nor need you have consent or permission to be or do. As long as it is in line with you seeing unconditional love and harm or damage to anything or anyone is the only boundary to your freedom.  This new freedom is established for all due to the unconditional  love base given to it. In seeing all that is whole again you will see polarities do not matter in that neutral space.

This is what is changing. Still we see different dimensional realities and perceptions express themselves in our midst which can be totally confusing.  These are those swirling vortexes of all those on their levels of perceptions and dimensional reality within the framework of our new 5D paradigm unfolding itself.  All ingredients are here to make things work for all but we need to find a way to get there or bit by bit or via bridging past and future. The only tool we need is coming together in that neutrality space where we can leave polarities and judgement behind.

We are all one that is what is needed to be seen. Whatever you are experiencing in what perception or dimensional reality level you’re in.  In what I observe I see the movement from dark and light towards that space that will bring after the so-called clashes and holding the trenches the insight of the solution being stopping the fight and work together. Stop seeing what is wrong or right and go to that space where you can see in all is truth and in the balance of that is peace.

We will find that peace soon in our world and foremost ourselves. Even if our perceptions may see aftermath battles to be fought, it is just all slowly coming together. The vibrational energetics at the moment  are clearly shaping already a positive new paradigm. We are in growing on our levels in groups envisioning new ways that go beyond that what was already withheld by those in the past called dark ones. We call them now our other loved halves in wholeness.

We need to see there is need to stay neutral and not go into fight, battle, argument anymore.  The more we do that and are in our power we will see that people around us will shift. It is that what I and so many said already the change within makes the change on the outside happening. The needing and wanting amongst us will find there is only abundance of energy and creational force within us. This is what was taken from you in the past and you was made to forget to be a creator. The experience  of the duality paradigm has ended last year.

We are now in the transitional phase ending.  Soon this transition will be remembered for what it was. A unique experience to learn the extremities of duality and the play of our polarity.  We have learned the beautiful  and the  sad and evil sides of this play. All was as it was for a reason.  All has been and is done in divine order.  We will find our way back to the neutrality in us. The marriage of two parts to be whole = one again. The news is traveling fast and our anxiously waiting and supporting legions of light and space brothers and sisters are rejoicing the final acts that take place in finding our rightful space back as fully remembering masters that will take the lead in the new paradigm to come.

Be free, Be Joy and find the peace in that neutrality space that is found in your heart-source connection. We are one and all is valued and is value because it is always here in all that is and is us.

Love and Light,


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