ZanyMystic – Expanding Consciousness – 13 April 2013

Expanding“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

This exploration is a continuation of the foundation laid in previous blog entries, designed to examine tools and examples on expanding consciousness.  New Age translation:  Ascension and raising the vibration – self and planetary. 

From one point of view, there is nothing being raised or expanded, and there is truly nothing to “do” as there is no separation between perception of self and other.  Quantum entanglement already is, and no “thing” moves or goes anywhere.  Every point is a conscious energy and nothing is left out.  What happens then, in the process of raising vibrations?  Consciousness is energy and is transferred, like a check drawn on a bank, depending on awareness.  What one focuses on is where the energy is drawn off or spent.  If there is little or no self-awareness, meaning conscious self-observation, those who use humans for their energy have a plethora of technologies to milk us.  In this sense, we are no different from cows.  All 7 energy bodies can be, and are, drained in a similar fashion that a “psychic vampire” can draw psychic energy, life force – prana or chi, as food.  Dependent upon how quickly one intends to accumulate one’s own energy and not waste it, there are many techniques which empower.  Life is a smorgasbord – take what you like and leave the rest.

The most important realization we can cultivate is the understanding that as we are now, we are not fully conscious – to become Conscious Beings requires effort.  It is not called the Great Work for nothing!  Man is born with the potential to awaken fully, but he must participate and intend to complete his own evolution.  One method is that of alignment and clearing.  By aligning with the highest within and clearing, processing and releasing that which is of a lower frequency, a natural tuning occurs.  If one believes that one is already conscious and awake, there is less possibility to expand into larger fields of existing consciousness.  Most of humanity is asleep, lured by the distractions placed in The Maze.  Earth is both a living Being and at a lower matrix is a Maze which is almost impossible to escape.  In order to leave this wheel of life, death and unnecessary suffering, we must know that we are presently in a prison – a holographic fractal projection maintained by mind control, technologies and belief systems.  Please do not accept anything written here as truth, or as a system that can be followed or believed.  This is a pitfall we all experience, which requires mindfulness.  Paradoxically, there is no effort we can make and nothing we can do to change ourselves.  Reality and dimensions are not linear, but Quantum.

It’s easier to see other’s follies.  For this reason, we have one another to mirror back to us.  The Essenes identified 7 levels of mirroring that can be researched and used as a conscious tool.  We are not reinventing the wheel, nor creating anything new.  This is where eternal recurrence and recycling of souls processes energy similar to galaxies being formed from the churning activity at the center.  Forms change, but the underlying templates and archetypes remain the same, as in the research on myth and metaphor by Joseph Campbell.  The first step to self-completion is to understand where one is at present.  Since we are multi-dimensional, this can be tricky if one’s mind is not “re-oriented”.  Self-observation quickly reveals the depth of dualistic thought forms.  Most arguments are the result of thinking in duality, reinforced to the extent one has not recognized one’s ego. Complementary to moving out of duality is the recognition and replacement of ego with something that is authentic:  a true personality.  Until one begins to awaken, we develop a veneer of beliefs, attitudes, friends and perceived enemies, which create an ego or false personality.  This is the inauthentic self.  The True Self is buried in the basement for most souls, and is one’s essence which enters at birth with talents, life purpose and inclinations.  As this is overlaid due to assaults by peers, family and the world at large, the chances of being authentic diminish.  We can see inauthenticity at its zenith by watching daytime talk shows.  Perception is shaped by what others think.  We become projections of the illusion, pin balls bouncing in a machine without conscious awareness.

As we enter the continuum of the awakening process, we need a new skin to protect the child within, the sensitive essence we were born with.  Some have locked their inner child away based upon a single momentary decision made in extreme hurt or anger.  As the neurons etch pathways of reinforcement, a groove is made similar to a scratch in a record that continues to skip at a certain point.  We stop growing and most adults have an essence that is immature and undeveloped.  Sophisticated acts replace authenticity, inner wisdom and awareness.  Party chatter and one-upmanship become fed by the illusion that what one has, does and owns are who one is.  A race begins to acquire more, become “better than” or to change and be different.  This 3 step juggling act of more, better and different can consume many lifetimes which repeat without moving a metaphysical inch.  The Maze is designed to keep us searching outside ourselves for something… we know not what, yet we sense that “something is missing”.  If only we could find that perfect mate; the perfect career or had enough money, then everything would be different.  What we could do then… the dream is so familiar by now, that it’s boring – even to contemplate in a few one liners!  Acquiring vast wealth and power reflects a low level of being.  Those we admire for their “stuff” might be among the least developed spiritually.  Eventually, it all works out in the wash, given infinity.

When one has had enough – and only then, a path begins to form that walks a bit out of step to consensus belief systems.  Outwardly, we may begin to think about our lives, while continuing to act and react as if we are just like everyone else.  After all, we can see quite clearly what happens to those who are “different”.  Fear is the mind killer.  A center of gravity begins forming around spiritual and metaphysical experiences.  Some go off to distant lands to follow this guru or that teacher.  Others try decades of mind altering substances in a quest to find other worlds, religions persuade that we can locate God through self-proclaimed intermediaries who themselves claim supernatural powers and visions.  On and on we go, around and around the wheels turn.  At some moment, we might peer into another dimension and this is unforgettable, regardless of “the how”.  Since we are all old hands here, let’s cut to the chase:  to move outside of duality requires that we change our thought forms.  We must create an inner point of self-observation, an “Observing I”.  Attention needs to be retained as it is our energy for awakening and consciousness.  Creating an “I” that Observes is vital in dividing our attention so that it isn’t pouring out like a soldier on the battlefield, leaking blood from multiple gunshot wounds.  This is our condition.  Most people who appear to be awake are bleeding the vital energy of consciousness as clearly as a dying man on the battlefield.  One goal is to create a permanent and authentic “I” which can exist outside limitations; preparation for a Master.

Urgency of our Plight – Creating the Observer

New Age thought wallpapers over our condition, which reinforces our sleep since we do not get to know that there is blood spurting out our pores.  If everything is wonderful and all we need to do is send light and love to anything we disagree with, then we can remain blissfully unaware and delightfully unconscious.  In effect, we are skipping many levels of work and necessary mindfulness in the mistaken perception that we are already there.  This is not going to “feel good” or resonate with some highly evolved and enlightened people, who are following their own bliss to the exclusion of the fact that there might be deeper work.  Once you think you know something, discovery halts.  If you know that non-believers are “going to Hell, and you aren’t”, then there is no further learning available along those lines.  This is why belief systems are hammered into us from birth to death.  By all means, don’t think for yourself – it’s dangerous!  Ask anyone who has attempted to divulge various truths.  It is a heavy cross to bear, but someone must pick it up and share it.  Thankfully, no one person has to do it alone, as we are never alone.  Most of our energy is flushed down the toilet through incessant unnecessary talk.  There is nothing wrong with talking, but it is the chief way ego manifests and discharges what little energy we have to become conscious.  We can begin to define what is useful and what is not, by how events align with our conscious intent.

Dismantling belief systems is almost as messy as bringing down a skyscraper.  The exceptions are Building One, Two and Three, but that’s another story.  We can instantly begin by using the Observer within to recognize our own unconscious behavior and thought patterns.  Any thought that has only two options, such as right or wrong, good or evil, black or white are inherited distortions, programmed and implanted; accepted as truths by our own lack of self-awareness and critical thought.  We have accepted most of our programmed beliefs without verifying them for ourselves.  To think outside the box, we must expand our consciousness outside the idea that we are a body, a sex, a skin color, a job, an age or any other attachment which keeps us identified with the limitations of 5 senses and our bodily functions.  Before talking about things we don’t know about, a form of lying to others and ourselves, the Observer should be present in each now before a thought is spoken.  If you think this is easy, think again.  We are unconscious when we speak, or we’d be happy to remain in silence, as many great teachers do.  Meher Baba remained in silence for over 40 years.  It can be an effective tool, but we don’t have that kind of time now!

Being present is synonymous with being an inner Observer.  Once our energy is divided consciously, so that some of it is retained in the creation of awareness, a center of gravity forms and the next step after having an Observer is the allowance of the inner Master to show up.  We are cleaning our proverbial house, doing the necessary work in order to make the space for the Master to arrive.  Esoteric teachings use parables, stories and metaphor and the Bible is replete with beautiful stories, as are all teachings that move heart and soul.  Sufi and Zen stories are my own preference, but this is an individual path.  They all work in the end and some need no stories or teachings whatsoever.  There are no hard rules to follow, other than one’s own inner guidance system, which is uniquely tuned to your own personal Team – name it as you wish, but learning how to discern within is a vital ongoing process.  Another vital process is to release all judgment of self and other.  Since those are imaginary divisions coming from the illusion of separation, judgment nails our spiritual feet to the floor.  To lift off, remove self-inflicted nails and learn how to love yourself authentically, warts and all.  Until the shadow is embraced, we might as well do whatever we please until it becomes so painful that we change or transition.  We can “step on the gas or the brakes” of our own unique path of evolution.

Birth and death are illusions.  Spirit is eternal and infinite.  We are remembering our Selves when we awaken to eternal truths which seldom change.  Using words like never, all, everyone or no one are forms of dualistic mimicking, not thinking.  True thinking is not the result of beliefs mired in duality – mechanical and unconscious behavior is the rule, not the exception.  Awakening is both ongoing and instantaneous.  By embracing paradox we begin to create thought forms which are not shaped by or limited in duality.  Real thought requires paradox and the ability to entertain many ideas – an infinite array of thoughts – without forming conclusions.  Oh, impossible, you say!  See… that’s how duality works.  Once we believe something is impossible, it is.  “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  –  Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.   Question everything and believe nothing.  Yes, I know that if you don’t believe in something, you believe in nothing.  That is a state of mind which approximates higher dimensional thinking.  Try playing 10 games of chess simultaneously and you can find out.  For now, simply work on noticing duality in thought, try not to express it and entertain paradoxical thoughts simultaneously: multi-dimensionality.

Everything mentioned above refers to doing, not being.  It is mainly useful for those who want to step on the gas of “personal evolution”.  Others will find it more enchanting to simply pay attention to the flow, and interpret the metaphors of life.  By viewing your life literally as metaphor, the intuitive aspect of Higher Mind and Higher Heart, the 6th and 7th senses, experience events as personal synchronistic messages.  Higher realms beyond the 13 commonly discussed, work symbolically and in complete synchronicity.   There is no point in trying to “grok” anything beyond 13th density, because the abilities we have at present cannot unlock or fathom, let alone describe.  In fact, words are a hindrance.  Visual pictures, symbols and imagination are far better tools, and children are much more adept at it.  We can learn more by listening to and heeding “the children”.  A simple fact that needs to be validated is that our thoughts are not our own and they are not private.  All thoughts and mental visualizations, as well as our actions and emotions, are stored and can be accessed as a library contains books and electronic storage devices.  Eavesdropping through 3D technologies is a rudimentary form of imitation and flattery to the Living Mind in which we live.  Every nanoparticle of life is permanently recorded from multiple perspectives.  Imagine “movie night” includes an edited version of all the “naughtiest” moments in your life!  It may be wise to stop judging others and yourself.  We’re transitioning into a telepathic society.  As it is, every thought we entertain is shared at the collective level and that is what creates the “out there” reflected back to us as a mirror.  The more “outraged” a person expresses indignation, the deeper they are peering into the mirror of their own shadowy selves.

To be continued…

Zany Mystic

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