Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Keep Shining The Light – 14 April 2013

light-shiningThe only thing that comes between you and the life you want to live is the life you are living now…or more precisely, the life you think you are living now. When you asked for the life of your dreams, good or bad, it was given immediately. The Source of All instantly becomes that which you think. And the Source of All is infinite. Because you are the extension of infinite Source, there are infinite realities available to you at any given moment.

“So why don’t I have it now,” you may ask. “I asked for it. I’ve asked many times.” The difference is in what you think you are presently living you see. What you think, what you believe, is what allows any parts of it to enter into your experience. That’s what we mean by “limited perspective.” We are not picking on you for being physical, we are simply pointing out that the nature of physical life is to have limited perspective. It’s infinite! If you saw it all at once, felt it all at once…what would you do with it all? How would you experience it? Do you really want it all at once?

The power of your thinking mind is to be selective. And the greatest power is to be selective regardless of what is already happening physically in your world.  Put aside law of attraction. This is simply the process of selection from what already is. Infinite Source equals infinite creation. All of it is equally present, but you just don’t see it or recognize it all at once.

Imagine you had a closet stuffed full of toys, stuffed animals, games, little robot things—you know, kid’s toys; and you could reach into that closet and know that you could always pull out a toy. But which one? The first thing that any smart child will do is figure out a way to get the toy they really want out of there and they will first imagine it—you have to know what you want before you can get it.

You have a life that is filled with absolutely everything, but it’s all in a kind of dark closet from your physical perspective. Your imagination is the light that you shine into that closet and allow that thing to spring into your playroom. But it’s already there; already present. If you can imagine it, it is real, and the great Creator Mother is holding it in store for you. Continue to imagine, continue to shine the light. Your imaginal creation longs to be with you for you are its creator.

Keep shining the light because there’s a lot of stuff in there. It’s like having friends who are lost out in the woods, and so you must stand at the edge and shine a light for them so they can find their way. Keep shining that light until they have safely returned. Happily remember all the good times you have had and have yet to come. Your friends long to be with you who appreciate them most.

In greatest admiration and appreciation,
~Twelve  / link to original article

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