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I think these very difficult times have taught us many lessons, one of the more influential ones being the importance nature plays in our life. Children know how to interact with and embrace nature, but for many adults today, we have lost that connection. Nature provides us with peace and calm and beauty, all of which are critical to maintaining our balance in our day-to-day living.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you feel so revived after a day spent in nature? When we are completely spent from hectic lifestyles, we usually head for the mountains or the ocean or the woods behind our house. Unknowingly for many, we set out on our journey to soak up natures energy and by doing so we are revived and good to go again. If nature plays such an important role in helping us to maintain balance, why are we allowing it to be destroyed?  We need nature on so many levels. It’s beauty uplifts us and pleases our senses. The sight of dirt roads nestled in the mountains awash with vibrant fall colors, the grace of a magnificently colored butterfly, the awe of a clear night sky filled with twinkling stars, or a field of wild flowers rustling in a gentle wind. All of these delight our senses and make our heart sing.

Nature can also act like a powerful tranquilizer. Lying in bed at night and falling asleep to the sound of a gentle rain pattering on the roof, the soothing effects of a warm summer breeze blowing on our face, the rhythmic lull of ocean waves breaking on a beach, the melody of bird song as we lay in a hammock. Perhaps we have never stopped to think about what life would be like if these influences in our lives were to disappear.  I know it saddens me greatly to see nature being used as a pawn in this battle between light and dark, but inside I know mother nature is far stronger than what is being done to her and she has the ability to heal herself just as we do, should we finally realize that. For eons we have tried to harness nature and control her with little thought to the consequences. These times are thankfully fading away and the love within our hearts and minds are reaching out to her strongly now.

Gratitude is such a powerful part of our new world. It is the glue with which it is held together. We have so much to be grateful for and first and foremost should be ourselves. Self-love and self-appreciation are so lacking in this world. We are a world full of books and gadgets and gimmicks to help us feel better about ourselves. I believe it is time to find the courage to just confront ourselves and push aside the self-doubt and embrace the wholeness and goodness of who we truly are. The lies we believe about ourselves are just figments of our damaged belief system. Turn off your TV sets. If you pay close attention you will clearly see the messages being given to you through advertising. They all say ‘you ARE NOT good enough’! These messages are not our reality unless we continue to accept them and put our strength behind them. If we feel love and gratitude for ourselves and give ourselves value, then we will in turn give the earth value as well. We are all connected.

Take time to immerse yourself in nature in some form or other and see if she doesn’t re-energize you and cheer your heart. She has magical ways about her and the more we love her and care for her, the stronger our world will become. It is time to step up, speak out and come forward to stop the abuse being done to our planet! She is all we have!

Blessings to us all,

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