Angelicview – Mass Remote Viewing Experiment – 16 April 2013

StarryNight2AngelicView: Well, this is fun! How about being a part of a Remote Viewing experiment? Whether you think you have intuitive abilities or not, she wants you to participate. She said that she will publish results when she gets 5,000 participants – or less, if it looks like there won’t be 5,000. I did it! It only takes a few minutes. It’s anonymous – she did not gather any personal information.

Here is her blurb about it:

About the Experiment

Although we plan to conduct other experiments in the future, our first experiment is an attempt to measure whether or not the human mind is capable of predicting major future events with any degree of accuracy by having a large number of people carry out a basic remote viewing process. The goal is to magnify any predictive ability humans may have by utilizing the mind power of thousands of people. Once we collect enough data from participants the statistical trends will become easier to pick out and will tell us whether or not there is a true effect happening.

You might argue that “remote viewing” isn’t the best term to use when talking about prediction, however most RV practitioners claim that when they look into the future they are simply remote viewing a distant time as if it were something they can focus on like any other remote location. So why would anyone believe that an experiment like this has any potential to work? For a long time scientists have questioned how our consciousness is linked to time. There are studies like this one which indicate our brains can possibly sense things moments before they happen.

Many people believe it is some sort of intuition ability that all of us have. There are in fact many experiments which appear to show that all of us might have this ability to predict near-future events… but just how far can this ability extend into the future? Results obtained from the global consciousness project, which analyzes the numbers generated by quantum random number generators (QRNG’s) from all over the world, seem to indicate that our consciousness has a small effect on these QRNG’s during major world events.

The theory behind this is that when a major event happens it will cause many of us to feel the same emotions and our minds become “synchronized” for a period of time. In some weird way this causes the numbers to go from being random to structured. The effect is extremely small but overall the probability is less than one in a billion that the effect is due to chance. If this is a real effect, it could have something to do with the nature of consciousness and quantum mechanics, like a collapsing of the wave-function or something similar.

However more interesting is the fact that when a major event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, the QRNG’s appear to react minutes or even hours before the actual event takes place. Many people have attempted to use this mechanism to predict when the next major world event is about to happen. But this mechanism is rather useless if we can’t tell what the event will be. All we see is a tiny blip in the graph which may or may not be something worth paying attention to. The effect only becomes statistically considerable when you analyze years worth of data.

So at the end of the day it’s not a very reliable tool for predicting the future because it doesn’t provide us with any specific details about upcoming events and anything it does tell us is not really worth betting on. This experiment takes this concept a step further and uses the predictive power of the human mind directly, instead of indirectly through the QRNG’s. If RV methods are truly as powerful as their proponents claim they are, by using the power of thousands of minds all around the world we should be able to gain deep insight into major future events.

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