Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Beauty Of Embarrassment – 16 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

Never mind when you get embarrassed. Embarrassment can only be ego’s vanity. You are embarrassed because your slip was witnessed by others. You lost face. If no one had seen the scene of your embarrassment or heard about it, the careless error wouldn’t have been so embarrassing to you. It might not have been an embarrassment at all. It is not the error that embarrasses you. It is the exposure that makes your face red.

Look at embarrassment this way: It is good for you. So, you made a mistake. Big mistake or small, what does it matter? An error is not a fall from grace. Nor is it human to err, yet there is plenty enough of error in the world. Errors will come and go. With or without error, you are My beautiful child. I do not point at you or scoff for any error you make. An error isn’t much. It is a trifle. Move on from trifles.

The beauty of embarrassment is that it brings you back to Earth. The beauty of embarrassment is exactly that it takes you down a peg or two. You love to see yourself as someone greatly admired. You don’t want to be caught in the act of an unimportant lapse. You don’t want laughing eyes upon you. You want to be fool-proof.

It is you who reacts to the embarrassment and calls it overwhelming. You are the one reacting, and it is to yourself that you react. Your preferred self-image got tarnished in front of the eyes of the world. The truth is you are a wonderful human being. You can let go now of that self-image you have liked to purport yourself to be. Only on Earth can you feel like a fool or be thought one. Only on Earth. Unthink.

Mistakes are relative, beloveds. What importance is given to mistakes is also relative. Why wring all the juice from what is called embarrassment? Embarrassment is its own error. Here you go. From mistakes, great discoveries are made. Mistakes are something off the beaten path, and that from mistakes, great discoveries are made. At the very least, in each mistake you make, you discover that you are fallible. You can be fallible and still be mighty.

In another land or time, what is one man’s embarrassment could be another man’s pride. And is not embarrassment another side of pride? How much does pride have to do to your credit or discredit? You have bigger things to be than either proud or embarrassed. Pride is vanity, beloveds. Vanity is not something to be proud of.

I say you are an angel, and you are sure that angels don’t make mistakes. True, angels don’t have all the free choices that you do. Angels are all set. They don’t have the freedom to make mistakes. Only human angels are free to make slip-ups. Mistakes are not crimes. They are haste and waste. They are mistakes and are not worth any shade of redness in the face.

This is not the first time you have been embarrassed, and it is very possible that you will live through deeper sorrow in life than embarrassment. You may well already have gone through greater. What does your greatest error amount to now? It seems a lot less now. It was always less than it seemed, beloveds. If all the eyes of the world seem to be upon you because of an error, how much does it matter the error you made or what others happen to shake their heads at.

You can laugh at yourself too! Why not? / link to original article

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