Ron Van Dyke – Discovering Hidden Rooms And Other Surprises – 16 April 2013

Uploaded on 16 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke  News update on Keenan and OPPT. Also Boston Marathon. But the big news: Not much sleep and vivid dreams has been the story for me of late. It seems as if I wake up every hour or two with little pieces of information that don’t even make sense at first glance. The final dream this morning that I pondered for well over an hour was the discovery of hidden rooms, large hidden rooms apparently beneath the building where I had my first job other than with my dad. It was the newspaper offices in Ridgewood, New Jersey; and who was most excited about finding those rooms, besides me? It was the the owner who did not even know they were there. His name was Mr. Richman. It seems I am starting to remember my dreams more than ever; and even to piece them together to get a broader meaning. Some say dreams are God’s forgotten language, the way angels communicate with us. What other surprises will we discover as we begin to explore our hidden rooms? [Neil Keenan update:…]

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