TheOne-DreamDreamer – Lightworker… Relax – 16 April 2013

For there was a time to speak up, to shout to wake others up, and sure you can do it if you feel you don’t know better. It’s fine.

But think of Compassion. Feel the strongness of Compassion, how it dissolves any polarized thinking and Feeds all that are involved in anything that happened.

That is BEing God in action. That is Working the Light. That is BEing a warrior of Truth.

That. That changes all.

Not screaming, not blaming, not pointing a finger. That is not action, that is sitting there and giving responsibility to others. And though all have their own responsibility… so do you Lightworker. The responsibility to BE. And as God is Love in Action if you want to BE you cannot BE without BEing Love.

Spread Compassion. BE Compassion. Give Compassion. Use your God BEing Gifts to Spread Compassion and Raise the overall Vibrations into Love.

BE, and thus Change. Do, blame, look for darkness… you’ll find it. No doubt about it.

But think… Feel… and then Choose your Chosen Path.

Lova, You / link to original article


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