Bill Ballard – Humanity Is Going Through Their ANGER Stage Of Geopolitcal Awakening – 17 April 2013

Uploaded on 17 April 2013 by pearls2u

This is a long winded video where I am explaining my spiritual perceptions of the energies and the field that has been going on this past week with humanity as they themselves go through their geopolitical awakening as individuals, which later leads to their true spiritual awakening and ascension process. It’s a good thing!

Many of us felt negativity incoming the days before the Boston Marathon event, as that was a false flag event so many of us knew even before the evidence was out. Focusing on that just empowers that situation and the instigators of that even more. This is all going on at the same time many of us are consciously aware we are being called for further activations of Mother Earth raising her frequencies, as an opposite side of that coin and which accelerates us into New Earth…

It is an amazing time to be alive, awake and aware as we watch it all unfold. Sooner or later humanity will realize the gifts given them by OPPT, The One People’s Public Trust, and begin to use that as a tool to bring down the controllers of the system and showing those who are continuing to perpetuate the old system that we don’t have to play that anymore… There is no one to fight, and why would we anyway as we cannot continue doing the same things in New Earth that we did in the Old Paradigm… It is so cool to watch all this unfold and play out!

Be thankful you are here at this time to help change it all… Do what you are called to do from your own heart and step into your own mastery… and above all else…



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